Calendar of Events

1           RSCT Open House
             Saturday 10:00 to 1:00
              Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy
              Professional Development for Waldorf

              Teachers.  All welcome
21 - 23
Waldorf Homeschooling Intensive

27         Application deadlines for full and part-time
              Waldorf Teacher Education programs
              Early Childhood and grades

7- 25      Summer Festival of Arts and Education



Bringing Spirit into Life

Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto facilitates cultural renewal. We offer workshops and trainings in Waldorf Teacher Education, Remedial Education, Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy, Biodynamic Agriculture and the Arts. Here research into the spiritual nature of the human being brings practical insights for work, play and community.


Waldorf Teacher Education

Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy

We offer internationally accredited programs for Waldorf teacher education. Focus on early childhood, grades, high school or specialty subjects.
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Rudolf Steiner gave a legacy rich in insight and practical inspiration. Learn how to bring spirit into life through living, heart-filled thinking.
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Radical and Relevant News

April 2014

The Question of Gender in Waldorf Education and Anthroposophy

Gene Campbell, Program Director
Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy - distance

A recent keynote address given by Nancy Blanning, a long-time Waldorf early childhood educator delivered at the Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto, The Wonder of Boys , after the book by the same name by Michael [...]

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March 2014

Summer Festival July 7 to 25

Here it is, our new Summer Festival brochure hot off the presses. Choose from 23 stimulating workshops all connected with the theme, Metamorphosis. Parents, teachers, artists and others who yearn for inspiration out of anthroposophy, the arts and Waldorf education come together for three stimulating weeks of deep [...]

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February 2014

Waldorf Homeschooling at RSCT

More and more people are exploring the option of homeschooling their children and are keenly interested in the Waldorf approach to education.The decision to homeschool is often based on dissatisfaction, fond memories of one’s own childhood education, lifestyle choices, to mention but a few. Rarely is the [...]

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Waldorf Graduate Andreas Schleicher and PISA

Waldorf Graduate and highly respected scientist, Andreas Schleicher, speaks cogently about the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) that he has been part of developing. He and his team at the Centre for Educational Research and Innovation in Paris have been analyzing data from schools arond the world [...]

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