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Bringing Spirit into Life

Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto facilitates cultural renewal. We offer workshops and trainings in Waldorf Teacher Education, Remedial Education, Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy, Biodynamic Agriculture and the Arts. Here research into the spiritual nature of the human being brings practical insights for work, play and community.


Waldorf Teacher Education

Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy

We offer internationally accredited programs for Waldorf teacher education. Focus on early childhood, grades, high school or specialty subjects.
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Rudolf Steiner gave a legacy rich in insight and practical inspiration. Learn how to bring spirit into life through living, heart-filled thinking.
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Radical and Relevant News

January 2015

Why did I take the Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy course?

Melissa Ghorashy has been a parent at the Toronto Waldorf School and recently completed an 18 month program, Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy at the Steiner Centre. The article she wrote below was recently sent to all the parents at the school. It is a wonderful example of how a...

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December 2014

TV Lobotomy

These drawings come from a french book called TV Lobotomy , written by a neurologist.

The first line of drawings were drawn by 5 to 6 years old children that watch television for less than 1 hour a day. The second line of drawings is from similar...

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Remembering Georg Locher

Georg Locher died at 5:20  this morning (UK time). The funeral is scheduled for this coming Friday,  December 19. Other memorial services are planned, including one in Wilton New Hampshire on December 28.

Georg Locher was a Waldorf graduate. He studied music in Zurich, Switzerland (his country of origin) and...

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November 2014

Waldorf in Guatemala

RSCT Mentor and Lecturer Elyse Pomeranz just returned from a visit to  Guatemala where she worked intensively with one of her mentees, offered support to the Escuela Caracol Waldorf school and a number of other creative endeavors in the community. Her reflections are nothing short of inspiring. The illustrations...

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