Summer Festival of Arts and Education

"The Human Form Divine"

  • Tammy Caldwell plays with Rori the lamb at the Summer Festival of Arts and Education, Making Space for the Mysterious, RSCT 2012


July 4 to 22, 2016

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Festival Schedule


Week 1 - July 4 to 8


Morning Workshops

Afternoon Workshops

Art of Teaching Grade 1 – Sandra Ghali
Art of Teaching Grade 2 – Brian Searson
Art of Teaching Grade 3 – Dean Carter
Art of Teaching Grade 4 – Kathryn humphrey
Art of Teaching Grade 5 – Suzanne Hill
Art of Teaching Grade 6 – Jane Hill
Art of Teaching Grade 7 – Patrice Maynard
Waldorf Education Essentials – Merwin Lewis

Musical Leadership for Teachers – Larry Glatt
Storytelling and Imagination – Dawne McFarlane
Waldorf Art Curriculum – Anna Gruda
The Magic of Coloured Dust – Brian Searson

Week 2 - July 11 to 17


Morning Workshops

Afternoon Workshops

Man as Embryo – Dr. Jaap van der Waal
Deepening Anthroposophy –  Warren Cohen
Evolution of Human Consciousness
through Music –  Larry Glatt

Man as Embryo – Dr. Jaap van der Waal
Eurythmy:  Key to Transformation – Jonathan Snow
Planetary Gestures in Biography –  Regine Kureck

Week 3 July 18 - 22


Morning Workshops

Afternoon Workshops

Waldorf Classroom Essentials –  Flora Seul-Jacklein
Divine Human – Jef Saunders + Rev. Jonah Evans

Divine Human – Jef Saunders + Rev. Jonah Evans
Sculpting the Human Form – Warren Cohen
Doll Making – Luciana Baptista Cohen


For Mercy has a human heart,
Pity a human face,
And Love, the human form divine...
        - William Blake


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Daily schedule

8:30 to 8:55      singing (open to all participants)
9:00 to 10:30    morning course
10:30 to 11:00  coffee break
11:00 to 12:30  morning course
12:30 to 1:45    lunch
1:45  to 3:00     afternoon course
3:00 to 3:30      break
3:30 to 4:45      afternoon course

Evening activities

Coffee house
Research Presentations
Social art
Waldorf Teacher Graduation


July 4 to 8
Waldorf Week 

Art of Teaching Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7
Intensive preparation and practice with S. Ghali, B. Searson, V. Smith, K. Humphrey, S. Hill, J. Hill and P. Maynard

Explore the physical, social, psychological and spiritual development of children. Learn how Waldorf pedagogy works with age specific milestones. We will dive into the essence of the upcoming year’s curriculum and help each teacher create balanced lessons rich with imaginative pictures, artistry, and rigour. We will work on practical planning as well as deep inner and artistic preparation, all of which are essential for transformative education. Please bring resource materials, year planners, and questions.

Waldorf Essentials
with Merwin Lewis

Waldorf education is a creative revolution that asks for no less than our complete transformation as educators and as parents. This workshop offers an engaging overview of Waldorf education and the life in a Waldorf school from the inside out. We will look at child development, rhythms of learning and core principles that inspire our schools. We will experience elements of Waldorf curriculum, works by Rudolf Steiner, and reflect upon our experiences as educators and parents. 

Musical Leadership for the Teacher
with Larry Glatt

Sing! Play! Teach! Enhance your musical skills.  Dive into the heart of the Waldorf music curriculum by learning new pieces and conducting one another. We will work with call and response, rounds, singing in parts, and incorporating instruments. We will also learn some basics of recorder technique. This is an opportunity to deepen your understanding of the Waldorf curriculum and expand your musical repertoire. Please bring your soprano recorder.

Streaming Story
with Dawne McFarlane

There are places in the world where people believe that music is always playing, and when we sing we are joining into that streaming. It can be that way with story. What breathes life into story? How can that breath inspire and renew you as a teller, listener, teacher, parent? What is the source of your creative process? Explore the path through the forest of imagination to the bubbling stream of story, and drink deeply. Bring a story to work with, and discover new ones.

Waldorf Art Curriculum: Inspiration and Practice
with Anna Gruda

Deepen your knowledge of the Waldorf visual art curriculum. Work with beeswax block crayons, wet-on-wet painting, and other media on a journey through skill development and the changing consciousness of children. Whether you are a practicing teacher, homeschooling parent, or simply interested in insights from the Waldorf curriculum, this course will increase your knowledge and confidence in the arts.

Magic of Coloured Dust
with Brian Searson

Colourful chalkboard drawings not only serve as a focal point in Waldorf classrooms, but their beauty instils a sense of wonder in all who see them. Learn basic techniques to plan, merge, blend and accent blackboard drawings. Combine colour and gesture to create dynamic landscapes and beautiful images out of stories and themes that inspire you. This artistic exploration naturally supports the work of Waldorf teachers and is open to all who wish to experience the joy and freedom of working with coloured dust.


Week #2 July 11 to 15

Man as Embryo
With Jaap van der Wal

Explore human prenatal development and see how the developing embryo expresses essential attributes of the human as a being of matter, mind, and spirit. This scientific phenomenology creates a synthesis between modern embryology, anthropology, and a holistic view of the human being. Approached in this way, the human embryo reveals not only who we are but also what we are meant to be, challenging the modern reductionist view. Health care practitioners and teachers can benefit from understanding embryological forces in this holistic approach, as these same forces are continuously at work throughout life. They carry the blueprint of health into manifestation: the Embryo in us. This course runs the full day. Lectures will be complemented with physical movement and form drawing.

Deepening Anthroposophy
with Warren Cohen

Rudolf Steiner coined the terms anthroposophy and spiritual science to describe a path of learning in which humans are living images of creative forces at work in the cosmos. This workshop is for anyone who wishes to wrestle with their understanding of the essential nature of freedom, the Christ Impulse, karma, reincarnation, evolution of human consciousness, and contemplative practice as tools for research into artistic, educational and spiritual questions. This is an essential course for Waldorf teachers and requires grounding in the core ideas of anthroposophy.

Evolution of Human Consciousness and Music
with Larry Glatt

In music we can express our deepest feelings and aspirations.  Music is a reflection of time and place. Furthermore, while music is an expression of consciousness, it also shapes the consciousness of each era.  In this class we will trace the development of music from antiquity to the present.  We will delve into the features of music that define a style, and we will try to relate the prevalent sounds of different eras with their corresponding values and paradigms.  As we proceed, we will examine the way in which music brings about changes in humanity.

Man as Embryo
With Jaap van der Wal

Continues from the morning with more key imaginations, form drawing and movement.

Eurythmy - Key to Transformation
with Jonathan Snow

Eurythmy provides an effective path to find the ‘key to the kingdom.’ It offers an opportunity to consciously transform our fallen natures. This unique art of movement was created by Rudolf Steiner and continues to evolve as we practice.  It stands as an essential element of our pedagogy and inner development, and can facilitate healing. Eurythmy supports both professional and inner work, strengthening our ability to live the Pedagogical Law: who we are is the active force that educates our students. Please bring eurythmy shoes if you have them and wear comfortable clothing.

Planetary Gestures in Biography
with Regine Kurek

Allow your Biography to arise as a work of art. You are the creator. We will identify qualities that can be recognized as gestures of planetary influence: Mars who speaks the truth; Jupiter in confident, majestic or jovial expansion; Saturn who trims and shapes things into essence. In this artistic process of discovery we will give colour, shape and gesture to these planetary qualities and allow them to grow into an expression of your life that may just reveal a hint of your divinity.


Week #3 July 18 to 22

Divine Human
with Jef Saunders and Rev. Jonah Evans

Just as we know that our true origin is in the Spirit, the Human Body also had its start in that realm. The Human has gone through a journey of metamorphosis into what we now see today; bodies that must eat, sleep and eventually decay. But we can also begin a process of renewing, transforming and redeeming not only our souls but our bodily sheaths. Through working with the forces of Trust, Love and Hope, we can slowly bring them back into direct connection with Spirit. We will work through these ideas with colour, conversation and contemplation.

Waldorf Classroom Planning and Practicalities
with Flora Seul-Jacklein

Good planning and organization can free up and guide teachers towards a deeper understanding of their pedagogical work: the curriculum, the developmental needs of their students, and the process of learning. They also create a framework for the teacher's own learning that can make the difference between authentic pedagogy, 'winging it,' or even burning out. We will explore best practices in planning, dealing with the vastness of the material, student observation, assessment, as well as parent and collegial work. Anticipate the coming year with joy and take concrete steps towards planning it!

Divine Human
with Jef Saunders

We will use artistic research techniques to investigate core themes from the morning discussions.

Sculpting The Human Form
with Warren Lee Cohen

The wisdom of the cosmos is found in-built in human anatomy, the visible signature of our spiritual nature. We are after all the stage upon which cosmic dramas are enacted. The form of the head reveals the dynamic meeting of pre-birth intentions with the external resistance of the world. Through modelling the human head from pre-birth through to old age, we can touch these opposing streams that work from within and without, from past and future. These give form to our destinies and opportunities for our freedom.

Doll Making
with Luciana Baptista Cohen

Come and make a huggable Waldorf doll. A Waldorf doll is much more than just a toy. It inspires free play, a sense for caring, and imagination. Made out of all natural materials, respecting healthy human proportions and with a simple physiognomy, the doll can become a friend close to your child’s heart. It will accompany your child through life experiences and support social and emotional development. And besides all that, they are fun to make and play with! 


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Festival fee (includes course materials and snacks)

1 Week -  $535 early registration
2 Weeks - $1000 early registration – Extra discount!
3 Weeks - $1450 early registration – Extra discount!

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A limited number of Bed and Breakfast spaces are available
with local families. If you would like to offer accommodation
to a festival participant and receive compensation please
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Delicious 3-course vegetarian (mostly organic) lunches are available
by pre-order only. Lunches cost $70 for the week
 and will be served in the beautiful dining room at Hesperus Village.


Limited work/scholarships may be available and will be awarded
on a first come basis. To be considered, please include a letter
describing your financial circumstances with your application.

Childcare at TWS Summer Camp

Toronto Waldorf School Summer Camp offers a full-day
camp for children (ages 4 to 12) at a reduced fee for festival
participants. To make reservations contact the camp at
647-210-8865 or

Collaborating organizations

RSCT is grateful for the support of Toronto Waldorf School, Mercurius Canada, Hesperus
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Luciana Baptista Cohen, MA, has a background in graphic, product and interactive design. She stopped her work with the BBC to stay at home with children and dedicate herself to handcrafts of all kinds. She has a passion for making and ensouling dolls.

Warren Lee Cohen, MEd, BA Physics, is the Codirector of RSCT and the Director of Teacher Education. He directed Foundation Studies at Emerson College and has been a Waldorf teacher for 20 years. He is an avid sculptor, baker and author.

Rev. Jonah Evans, BA Psychology attended the Sacramento Waldorf School. He found his true calling at the Seminary of The Christian Community. He has worked as a priest in Johannesburg South Africa, Spring Valley NY, and currently in Toronto.

Larry Glatt, DMA, MA, MMus, has been a music professor, Waldorf class teacher and music teacher. He is a performing musician, composer and recording artist. He teaches recorder, jazz band, chorus, and orchestra at the Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School.

Sandra Ghali has a passion for creating a vibrant, well-formed classroom in which the curriculum comes to life in her students.  She teaches at the Calgary Waldorf School and is excited to share the beauty and activity of this special year with colleagues about to take up a new class.

Anna Gruda is a graduate of OCAD and RSCT. She teaches at the Toronto Waldorf School, RSCT and has been a class teacher and art teacher for over 25 years. She has worked with combined grades and homeschoolers.

Jane Hill, MSEd, is drawn to the tumultuous energy of middle school students and is in awe of how the Waldorf curriculum provides the wisdom and power to meet their academic and soul needs. She lives in Vermont and enjoys snowboarding, hiking and farm fresh food.

Suzanne Hill, MEd, has been a Waldorf teacher for the past 16 years in Toronto, New Orleans and now at the Halton Waldorf School. She has helped found a new school, taught combined grades, and completed her Masters degree in Waldorf education. 

Kathryn Humphrey has been a class teacher at the Toronto Waldorf School since 1988. She is presently teaching her fourth class in Grade 4. She participated in the AWSNA Pedagogical Advisors Colloquium and has completed the HEART Training.

Regine Kurek is an anthroposophical art therapist and biographical counsellor. She is the cofounder of Arscura – School for Living Art and works internationally developing art and art therapy courses. She is dedicated to art and personal development.

Merwin Lewis, MMus, MLS, co-founded the London Waldorf School. For over 30 years he has educated children and helped train a generation of teachers. Poet, playwright and composer, he is the first honorary recipient of RSCT’s Waldorf Teacher Education certificate.

Patrice Maynard, MEd, is the Director of Publications and Development for the Research Institute for Waldorf Education. She was a leader in AWSNA and before that a Waldorf class and music teacher at the Hawthorne Valley School.

Dawne McFarlane, MHSc, is a storyteller, Waldorf teacher, performing artist, and Coordinator of the Professional Development for Waldorf Teachers part-time program. Dawne has been telling stories at international festivals, in classrooms and around campfires for over 25 years.

Jef Saunders is director and faculty member of Arscura – School for Living Art. He is a biography counsellor and anthroposophically inspired art therapist. He currently divides his work between seeing patients and teaching.

Brian Searson has been serving Waldorf education for 25 years as a class teacher and a specialist in the arts and music. He graduated from RSCT and enjoys creating spirit-filled festivals for community.

Flora Seul-Jacklein has taught as language teacher at the Halton Waldorf School for over 20 years. She has worked in public and private schools and at university level. She currently works as a mentor, and serves as member of the AWSNA Board of Trustees.

Virginia Smith, MSc, has been a Class Teacher for 15 years in Calgary and Vancouver. She mentors in RSCT’s part-time program and beyond. She works with special needs students. Alongside teaching she enjoys art, craftwork, and being outdoors.

Jonathan Snow completed his artistic and pedagogical eurythmy training in Germany. He taught there before coming to Toronto. He is a certified Bothmer gymnast and Spacial Dynamics Level I associate, and continually explores movement arts from dancing to martial arts.

Jaap van der Wal, PhD, MD, associate professor of Anatomy and Embryology at the University of Maastricht,  teaches the Embryo in Motion around the world. Jaap finds that the disciplines of science and religion, matter and spirit, macrocosm and microcosm, creation and evolution all meet one another in the phenomenal process of our becoming human. He works with anthroposophists, craniosacral therapists, osteopaths, trauma therapists, and prenatal psychologists.

The Human Form Divine

Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto
July 4 to 22, 2016
905 764 7570 ·

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