June 2019

Getting Ready for Nicanor Perlas' talk on Humanizing Artificial Intelligence June 26th, 7 pm

We're Looking forward to Nicanor Perlas' talk this evening on Humanizing Artificial Intelligence. Nicanor arrived last night and has been spending the day keeping up with his various other projects over email and such.

Like the Seventh Seal

Toronto -- well, Thornhill, actually -- is the seventh stop for him so far on his North American tour this summer. We were over at the music room checking things out earlier today and putting up a couple of tables in the hall, one for Gabriele's books, and another for Sybille Hahn, who has kindly agreed to collect the admission fee of $20 from each person.

We wanted to keep the fee affordable, while still having a good chance to cover our commitments to Nicanor. We paid for his flight from New York, are putting him up in a hotel for three nights, where he can relax better and get more done, than if he were staying in a private home, and we want to give him a good honorarium as well.

World Class Author and Activist

So we're hoping lots of people will take advantage of this rare opportunity to hear a world-renowned author and activist share his views on the challenges facing humanity in the 21st century.

Those include Artificial Intelligence (tonight June 26th at 7 pm), and Social Threefolding -- recognizing the threefold nature of society and working with it, rather than against it (tomorrow June 27th, also at 7 pm).

His Books Sold Out in America

Tonight Gabriele of Tri-Fold books will be on hand with copies of both of Nicanor's recent books. His 1999 book on Shaping Globalization has been recently reprinted with some additional sections. Nicanor will be signing books for people after the lecture. You can bring your books from home or buy one (or two) at Gabriele's book table which will be in the hall outside the Music Room.

Nicanor said that as a result of this summer's tour, his books are now sold out in the United States, and they had ordered 350 copies of them to begin with. He said that crowds of about 80 people have been typical for his American events.

Now it's Our Turn

We'll see if we get that many here in Thornhill, at the end of June, two weeks after school is out. However, a few people have contacted us, wanting to reserve advance tickets, worried that all the seats will be sold out. We've told them that we are not taking advance reservations, but we are hoping to have space for everyone who wants to be there.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in the Toronto Waldorf School music room tonight at 7 pm. The part time Early Childhood course students have been working on a marionette show in the music room. They'll leave their stage, covered with silks, and we'll have to work around it. Should still be room for enough chairs for everyone, and we're soon going over to set them up, in good time for tonight's lecture!


THIS WEEK: Nicanor Perlas June 26 & June 27

It's the last week of June. School's out at TWS and RSCT, although local public schools are still in their final week of classes. And Nicanor Perlas is coming to Toronto -- well, to Thornhill at least. Just to be super-clear, both of Nicanor's local events will be up here in Thornhill. There are no events with Nicanor in downtown Toronto. 

Two Talks in Thornhill

Both Wednesday and Thursday evening talks will be in Thornhill, in the music room at the Toronto Waldorf School, sponsored by the Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto. Wednesday's talk will be on Humanizing Artificial Intelligence. The talk begins at 7 pm, although Gabriele will be open with her book table already at 6:30 pm in case people want to buy copies of one of Nicanor's books, or perhaps of one of the books he mentions in his bibliographies. Gabriele has compiled a partial list of those books, which we have included at the end of this post. There will be a book signing after Nicanor's June 26th talk.

Nicanor has spent most of the last month touring across the United States. On Tuesday evening he'll be flying into Toronto Pearson airport from New York LaGuardia. Before that he was in Boston, doing three events in one day. After Toronto, he's off to Vancouver for a weekend workshop. 

Next Steps to Learn More about AI and Threefolding

And early next month he's giving a week-long course in California on threefolding and AI that is being hosted by the Right Livelihood College, Institute for Social Transformation, University of California Santa Cruz. Nicanor writes that "It will not only cover the theoretical aspects of threefolding but will go into greater details of how it can be done. I will use our large scale societal threefolding efforts in the Philippines that are already affecting the lives of 300,000 people plus more on the horizon, as a case study. In addition, we will also take a look at other efforts that are being done by participants themselves." 

The course is titled " Humanizing Artifcial Intelligence: Using Cultural Power, Governance & Business to Address the Challenges of Our Time" and runs from July 8-12 in Santa Cruz, CA.

For more about Nicanor's background and qualifications, see this earlier blog post.

Read all about it...

In addition to Nicanor's own books, "Shaping Globalization: Civil Society, Cultural Power and Threefolding" (1999) and "Humanity's Last Stand: The Challenge of Artificial Intelligence" (2018), Gabriele (of Trifold Books) will have the following books for sale, starting at 6:30 pm on Wednesday June 26th at the Toronto Waldorf School music room (where Nicanor's talk will take place):

A sampling  of the Books available from Tri Fold Books, mentioned in Notes to ‘Humanity’s last Stand’:

An Autobiography, Rudolf Steiner

Other Biographies of R. Steiner

Anthroposophical Movement, R. Steiner GA258

Appearance of Christ in the Etheric, S. Prokofieff

Approaching the Mystery of Golgotha, R.Steiner

An Outline of Esoteric Science, R. Steiner

Anthroposophical Leading Thougts, R. Steiner

Anthroposophy as a Path of Knowledge, R. Steiner

Archangel Michael. His Mission and Ours, R. Steiner

Background to the Gospel of Mark, R. Steiner

Buddha and Christ, R. Steiner

Effect of Occult Development ….R. Steiner GA 145

Egyptian Myth & Mysteries, R. Steiner

Esoteric Christianity, R.S.

Esoteric Lessons 1904-1909, R. Steiner

Evolution  of Consciousness, R. Steiner

Gospel of John, R. Steiner

Gospel of Luke, R. Steiner

Heavenly Sophia and the Being Anthroposophia, S. Prokofieff

Human Heart, E. Pfeiffer

Human Heart, Dr. Thomas Cowan

In the Sign of the Five, T H. Meyer

Karmic Relationships Vo. 3, R. Steiner

Karmic Relationships Vo. 4, R. Steiner

Knights Templar, R. Steiner

Knowledge of Higher Worlds, R. Steiner

May Human Beings hear it! S. Prokofieff

Mission of the Archangel Michael, R. Steiner

Parzival, Wolfram v. Eschenbach

Parzival, retold

Philosophy of Spiritual Activity, R. Steiner

Riddles of Philosophy, R. Steiner

R. Steiner and Ch. Rosenkreutz, P. Selg

Rudolf Steiner and the Founding of the New Mysteries, S Prokofieff

Shaping Globalization N. Perlas

Temple Legends, R. Steiner

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Full-Time Waldorf-Teacher Graduation 2019

Class of 2019 Waldorf Teacher Full Time Grads, flanked by Director of Early Childhood Jan Patterson (left), and Director of Education, James Brian (right). Student grads are L-R: Lee Joong Gwang, Ariadne Castillo, Sulemita Herrera, Liu Dong Dong, Wahsant:io Hill, Daniel McSharry.

Every year at the end of May the Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto graduates a fresh batch of Waldorf teachers from the Professional Development for Waldorf Teachers Full-Time program. This year there were six graduating teachers, including two in the Early Childhood Full-Time stream. 

Where Are The Grads Going?

So who are they and where are they heading off to next in their professional journeys?

Daniel McSharry is going to be working as an assistant in the Grade Four class at the Toronto Waldorf School during the mornings. In the afternoon he will be teaching various classes as a math and science specialist. When we talked to him a few weeks ago he was planning to look for accommodation nearby to TWS. He'll be here for the RSCT Summer Festival (July 8-26) and then he's off to Columbia for a couple of weeks vacation.

Early Childhood specialist Wahsant:io Hill is returning to her home and family at the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory (near Brantford) where she plans to open a Waldorf-inspired home childcare. She feels that this is an impulse that has come to her out of the cosmos and is something she has been wanting to do for a long time. For more about Wahsant:io see this earlier blog post.

Liu Dong Dong is staying in Canada a little while longer. She's planning to go to Montreal and visit museums. Then she's headed back to China for a bit of a rest and spend some time there considering her options. There are many Waldorf schools and initiatives in China where she could teach.

Sulemita Herrera has friends coming to visit from Australia. Then, with her friends and her husband, she, will travel around Canada for five weeks. Then she'll be back for the TWS Summer Camp, then back home briefly to Mexico, and then off to Costa Rica where she will be teaching Grades One and Two (15 children) at the Bona Casta Waldorf School, where RSCT alumna Katherine Beecham is currently teaching.

Ariadne Castillo was going to do a little more practice teaching in the TWS preschool with Mr. Mario, before going off to Barcelona, Spain for a month. Then she'll be back to work at the TWS summer camp where she'll have a group of four-year olds. Then it's off to Tijuana, Mexico where she will be teaching a mixed-age kindergarten in a new initiative that has been running for three years now. The school has a close connection with the San Diego Waldorf School in California, which is just across the border.

Lee Joong Gwang went back right after his RSCT graduation to attend the graduation of the Grade Eight class he had student taught at the Cincinnati Waldorf School. After that he is going to San Francisco and then he’ll be back at the RSCT for the Summer Festival from July 8-26 where he will be helping to teach some classes. Lee and his wife Young Sook are originally from Korea, but they have been living in the US where Lee worked as an engineer and their children attended Waldorf schools. Lee hopes to eventually start a traveling school that would be based on a boat.

Sulemita and her husband, Eduardo.

Daniel and friends, with a copy of the programme for the graduation.

Ariadne (right) with her mom.

Longtime RSCT handwork teacher Annette Wintjes, and her neice from the Netherlands.

RSCT teachers Diana Hughes and Paul Hodgkins.

Recorder playing at the graduation.

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NEW: Five Scholarships Announced for Young Adult Retreat Week at Glencolton Farms

Five Bursary Opportunities available for Glencolton Retreat 2019

Experience Anthroposophy on a Biodynamic Farm  July 21 to 27, 2019

RSCT is pleased to announce that we can offer five bursary opportunities for people wishing to attend the retreat who cannot afford the retreat costs. The bursay will cover all or a portion of the costs based on need.

To apply for the bursary, please send an email to Jame Brian, Executive Director at no later than Friday, June 28 at 5:00 pm, addressing the following questions:

1. A Brief Biography

Please tell us a bit about yourself and why you are interested in attending the retreat. No more than 200 words. Please include your phone number and let us know whether it is better for us to contact you by phone or email.

2. Your Need for a Bursary

Please provide your family income for 2018, a description of your current financial situation explaining why you need a bursary, and how much you can contribute to the cost of the retreat which is $1,350 CAD (inclusive of food and lodging).

James will respond to you by Tuesday, July 2 to let you know if you were successful in securing a bursary.

Note: The Wakefield young adult retreat that was earlier announced for August is no longer being offered for this year.

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Full-Time Early Childhood Program -- a Student's Experience

Wahsonti:io Hill is a one of six full-time students who graduated last month from the Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto’s one-year full-time Professional Development for Waldorf Teachers program, and one of two who chose to specialize in early childhood. Their program is called Professional Development for Waldorf Early Childhood Teachers Full-Time.* Wahsonti:io is third from the right in the photo above of the full time grads cutting the cake at their graduation.

She Heard about it from Chandra

Wahsonti:io’s first exposure to Waldorf came through her friend, Chandra Maracle, who was one of the founders of the Everlasting Tree School at the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory (near Brantford). Chandra recognized the benefits of the Waldorf approach for Indigenous children, and she would drop little seeds to stimulate interest among her friends.

Later Chandra took her friends to visit some Waldorf schools and shared with them the knowledge she had gained about Steiner’s approach to children and learning. From what Chandra showed her, Wahsonti:io saw the beauty in Waldorf education and appreciated how it fit with Indigenous culture.

Wahsonti:io’s path then led her to take part in the RSCT’s Foundation Studies Encounter program in Thornhill, with Paul Hodgkins in 2008. At the time she had no intention to teach. She just wanted to understand anthroposophy and the foundations of Waldorf for her own personal interest.

Photo above -- Family members at the graduation June 2019, L-R: Audrey Hill, sister, Karonto:ton, daughter, Ienenhstaienthos, daughter, Kakwiri:io, son, Ollie Beaver, father, Rarahkwaseres, son, Teiehkwa, daughter, Atiaktatie, partner, Wahsonti:io.

Journeying with her Children

Then when the Everlasting Tree School (a Waldorf initiative) started nine years ago, she enrolled her daughter in Grade One and her son in Kindergarten. Those were the only two classes being offered at the time. Her daughter, Teiehkwa, graduated from Grade Eight at ETS last June (2018). And this past year when Wahsonti:io was living in Thornhill to attend the full-time program, her daughter, Teiehkwa (photo below), took on the role of being the primary female at home, even though she was only 15 years old.

She made sure her Downs-Syndrome brother got up in the morning and got off to school. She did the cooking, and played the role of the mom. Wahsonti:io said that her kids enjoyed school. But, over the four years she struggled with cancer, starting at age 11, Teiehkwa missed a lot of school, and needed tutoring. It was during that time that Wahsonti:io had started in the part-time Waldorf teacher program at the RSCT, but had to withdraw so she could be there for her daughter.

Benefits of the Full-Time Program

Later, Wahsonti:io decided to do the full-time program at RSCT (instead of continuing with the part-time program). She knew she wanted to have a more in-depth understanding of the early years in Waldorf education. She said that having completed the full-time program now, she would not even consider the part-time program, given what the full-time program provides.

She said that at RSCT, all the instructors brought to the classroom an in-depth understanding from their own classroom experiences. Each built on the other in terms of understanding Steiner’s model of education and child development. She said the opportunities to do practicums with master teachers really enabled her to put into practice what she had been learning.

Putting the Learning into Practice

Wahsonti:io was grateful to have been able to work with Mary and Genevieve in the TWS Birchgrove kindergarten, as well as with Mario and his helpers in the TWS childcare. And also with Lea in the Parent and Tot, and with Laurie in her Hearthstone home childcare. Wahsonti:io said they were all amazing people. She also spoke of her feelings of being welcomed into the community here and made to feel at home by everyone she encountered. She said she feels fortunate to have been a part of it this year during her full-time studies at the RSCT.

One thing Wahsonti:io wants to do next is to take some courses in the Pickler method to better understand how the lower senses are formed in the earliest years of child development, and to learn what a child needs, and what they will not benefit them.

Marionette Show about the Seven Dancing Stars

Wahsonti:io said that one of the parallels between Waldorf and Indigenous cultures is the central role of stories and storytelling. Last January she was invited by Patti Wolfe to work with a group of experienced Waldorf educators to help develop a marionette show based on an Indigenous legend about the Seven Dancing Stars. 

Patti had come to her with a script, but Wahsonti:io was able to help her find a more authentic version of the story. Patti also wanted to consult with her about skin color and clothing for the puppets that were to represent the Indigenous parents and children in the story. The marionette show was presented as part of the Toronto Waldorf School’s Children’s Winter Festival, and again a few weeks later for audiences at the Everlasting Tree School’s midwinter festival.

Wahsonti:io played the drum for the performances and got to see how a Waldorf marionette show was put together from very beginnings through performance for audiences. She said she was surprised how much work was involved in really doing it well. Photo below: Wahsonti:io and Patti during rehearsal.

Wahsonti:io says that the story of the Seven Dancing Stars is about the constellation of the Pleiades. She said that her people watch that constellation rise in the night sky so that they will know when to celebrate the midwinter ceremony, which is the most important ceremony of the year. It’s the appearance of those stars that signals the timing of the ceremony. Wahsonti:io said that many Indigenous traditions connect that constellation with the origin of their people.

About the Full-Time Program

Earlier, Wahsonti:io had taken courses to qualify for an Ontario Teaching Certificate. It was a 3 to 4 year part-time program. She said that program was more about what you fill the children’s heads with, and about the legalities and liabilities of teaching. After completing that program she did some second-language teaching in Indigenous language and culture schools. But Wahsonti:io said that what she learned in the Ontario Teaching Certificate program doesn’t begin to compare with what she learned over the past year at the RSCT, in terms of preparing her to stand before the children with love and a sense of who she is as a person.

Wahsonti:io had nothing but praise for the leadership of the full-time RSCT Waldorf teacher program and how Early Childhood Program Director Jan Patterson and Teacher Education Director James Brian work together, bringing their compassion, their skills, their knowledge and their organization together to make it all happen for the students. She said she also appreciated James’ help with finding a suitable place to stay, and the help of the Toronto Waldorf School in including her daughter in the first grade class while Wahsonti:io completed her teaching studies.

In addition, Wahsonti:io said she also enjoyed being able to make friends with other aspiring Waldorf teachers from all around the world, including students from Mexico, China, and Korea, and to have the opportunity to learn about their cultures. Now she feels she has lifelong friends from around the world. And with the professional development she was able to achieve at the RSCT she feels she now has something more to bring to the Six Nations children that would immensely benefit their spirits.

Bringing it all Back Home

Now that she’s graduated as a Waldorf early childhood teacher, Wahsonti:io plans to start a home childcare program on the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory. She says that although there are already four Ministry of Education daycares on the reserve, as well as several private home daycares, there are still long waiting lists, and there’s still a need. In addition to a Waldorf approach to early childhood, Wahsonti:io wants to offer an immersion in Mohawk language and culture for the children in her home childcare.

And now that she has experienced the community of living and studying here, she wants to try to re-create something of that in her own life through her home childcare and by encouraging others to take an interest in Waldorf, and eventually come to study at the RSCT.

*In case you’re wondering why the convoluted names, it’s because, for the last few years, the RSCT has been limited by the government to enrolling students who already have teaching experience, or in the case of part-time program, students who are currently teaching in schools. An application process is underway to reclassify the RSCT as a private career college. And once that process is complete and accepted by the government, the RSCT will once again be able to accept students into teacher education programs and early childhood teacher education programs without needing them to have had prior teaching experience or current teaching positions. 

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Waldorf Teacher Education, Waldorf Schools  
May 2019

Foundation Studies Intensive in Hanoi, Vietnam, June/July 2019

Once again this summer the RSCT, in cooperation with Trinh Huynh, is offering a course in Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy in Hanoi, Vietnam. This summer's course will run from June 24th to July 19th.

Reg Down, Paul Hodgkins, Regine Kurek, and Jonah Evans will be teaching the course. The translators will be Trinh Huynh and Lan Nguyen. Trinh writes:

"About the course content, the course will be Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy. About the course structure, it's 4 weeks long, excluding weekends, running from 8:30am to 4:30pm every day. The mornings are lectures, and the afternoons are various other activities: eurythmy of 1.5 hour every day led by Reg, study groups on "Philosophy of Freedom" and "Theosophy", and Biography sessions led by Regine.

About the morning lectures, in the first 2 weeks, Paul will lecture on core topics in Anthroposophy, that is, "the Science". In the mornings of the 3rd week, Jonah will lecture on "the Religion" theme, connecting Buddhism, which is the most popular religion in Vietnam, to Christianity and Anthroposophy. And in the mornings of the 4th week, Reg and Regine will lecture on "the Art" theme, guiding the students through the outer and inner space of the First and Second Goetheanums, showing the various archetypes of the human being found therein."

If you know anyone who would like to enroll in this course please have them contact Trinh at:

You can read reports about last year's course on the RSCT blog.

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Nicanor Perlas to Speak on "Humanizing Artificial Intelligence" and "Social Threefolding", June 26 & 27

The RSCT, in cooperation with the Thornhill Group of the Anthroposophical Society, and the Money for a Better World group at Hesperus, is looking forward to welcoming author and activist Nicanor Perlas to Thornhill, where he is scheduled to speak June 26th on "Humanizing Artificial Intelligence" and June 27th on "Social Threefolding". Both events will take place at 7:00 pm in the evening, in the music room of the Toronto Waldorf School.

However, this visit is still subject to confirmation, since the Canadian embassy in the Philipines has not yet issued a visa for his visit. [May 27 update: Nicanor has now received his travel visa to come to Canada in June]. The RSCT has provided him with a letter of invitation for his planned visit to Toronto. And the Anthroposphical Society in Canada has issued a letter of invitation for his visit to Vancouver, where he will be going after Toronto. Earlier in June he will be speaking at various events across the United States.

Nicanor in a Nutshell

Nicanor Perlas has been a champion of Civil Society and an advocate for human interests, both in his native Philippines, and on the world stage. His published works include two books "Shaping Globalization: Civil Society, Cultural Power and Threefolding" (1999) and "Humanity's Last Stand: The Challenge of Artificial Intelligence" (2018). Both of these will be available for purchase at the book signing, after the lecture on June 26th. 

Nicanor is credited with stopping twelve nuclear power plants, banning 32 pesticides, and mainstreaming organic farming in the Philippines. He has received numerous awards in recognition of the global impact of his work, including the Right Livelihood Award (Alternative Nobel Prize) in 2003.

He has worked with the United Nations to develop strategies and plans to lay the groundwork for an ecologically sustainable world for the 21st century. Nicanor's  visit to Thornhill is part of a continent-wide tour to awaken people to the urgent challenges of our time, including the dehumanizing dangers of artificial intelligence.

Download a printable pdf copy of the event poster.

Book Signing and Sale

Special thanks to Gabrielle Edelstein of Trifold Books for ordering in extra copies of Nicanor's two books (on Globalizalization and Threefolding, and on the Challenge of AI) to have on hand for a book signing on June 26th. Gabrielle will also be there selling books after the lecture on June 27th.

The Longer and More Detailed Story

Much of the biographical material below is from a promo for a week-long workshop he will be doing at the University of California in Santa Cruz. Nicanor will also be speaking in Seattle and in New York state (probably in Spring Valley).

"Nicanor Perlas is an adviser, global activist, writer and speaker on artificial intelligence, globalization, societal threefolding, Sustainable Integrated Area Development (SIAD), post-materialist science or the second and more spiritual scientific revolution, leadership, and self-mastery. He has advised global civil society networks, social enterprises, UN and Philippine government agencies, including the Office of the President.

He headed global and national civil society networks, that were responsible for stopping 12 nuclear power plants, banning 32 pesticide formulations, and mainstreaming sustainable development, including organic farming in the Philippines, thereby educating citizens worldwide on their inherent power to create a better world.

He has written over 500 articles, monographs, and books including Shaping Globalization: Civil Society, Cultural Power and Threefolding, an international bestseller, translated in 9 languages as well as Humanity’s Last Stand: The Challenge of Artificial Intelligence, A Spiritual Scientific Response. He has been a plenary speaker on a diverse range of topics, in over 100 global conferences in 25 countries and 130 national conferences in the Philippines. Perlas was recently Undersecretary Designate for the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

He is a member of the Philippine Senate Technical Working Group on Artificial Intelligence and is helping the mayors of seven cities and towns practice participatory governance and direct democracy by empowering altogether more than 300,000 citizens to collectively embark on sustainable development. For the global impact of his work, he has been given, among others, the Outstanding Filipino Award (TOFIL), UNEP’S Global 500 Award and the Right Livelihood Award (Alternative Nobel Prize). "

Perlas has been the resource person and keynote speaker in over 70 global conferences and events in over 20 countries, and over 120 national conferences on a range of topics including culture and societal transformation, integral sustainable development, globalization, technology, corporate social responsibility, science and spirituality, social threefolding, strategic micro finance, direct democracy and others.

He has provided consultancy work for several UN agencies, the Philippine Senate, donor agencies and foundations, as well as many other global and national civil society organizations and networks and businesses striving for ecological and social responsibility.

As a technical writer and key formulator of Philippine Agenda 21, as well as co-chair for the Civil Society of the Philippine Council for Sustainable Development, Office of the President of the Philippines, Perlas was invited to attend several UN meetings including the UN General Assembly on Sustainable Development, UNGASS and the UN Commission on Sustainable Development, 6th Session, as Technical Adviser to the Philippine Delegation to the UN.

Member, Mikhail Gorbachev’s Commission on Globalization, Creative Member, Club of Budapest, Recognized as “highly creative innovators for a social and ecological sustainable world and a culture of peace”. Agenda 21 is a program of action into the 21st century for bringing the Earth into a sustainable future. It was adopted by the participating governments of the world in the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), otherwise known as the Earth Summit, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in June 1992.

Photo by Wolfgang Schmidt, from the page for Nicanor's 2003 Right Livelihood Award

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Foundation Studies Encounter Dates for 2019-2020

Encounter Course Locations, Dates and Times for 2019-20

Wednesday Mornings in Thornhill 8:45 am - 12:30 pm (30 weeks)
Free Introductory Talk Sept 11, 8:45 am

Term I: Sept. 25 - Dec. 11, 2019
Term II: Jan. 8 - March 11, 2020
Term III: Apr. 1 - May 27, 2020

Saturday Mornings in Thornhill 9:00 am - 1:00 pm (30 weeks)
Free Introductory Evening Sept 11, 7:30 pm

Term I: Sept. 28 - Dec. 14, 2019
Term II: Jan. 11 - March 14, 2020
Term III: April 4 - May 30, 2020

Saturday Mornings in Downtown Toronto 9:00 am - 1:00 pm (30 weeks)
Free Introductory Evening
to be announced
Term I: Sept. 28 - Dec. 14, 2019
Term II: Jan. 11 - March 14, 2020
Term III: April 4 - May 30, 2020

Monday Evenings in Guelph (Trillium Waldorf School) 
Free introductory Evening:  Monday Sept. 16, 7 pm
Mondays from Sept. 23 through June 15 (but not on holidays or school breaks)

to be determined

More information about Foundation Studies generally

More information about Foundation Studies Encounter

More information about Foundation Studies Distance (continuous intake)

Register for the 2019-2020 Foundation Studies Encounter Program in Thornhill

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Online Payment Hiccups Now Patched on RSCT Website - So Go Ahead and Register Now

If you’ve been trying to register for the Summer Festival or other RSCT programs and have encountered error messages (like the one above) or other issues with PayPal, we’d like you to know that we are aware of the problem and have provided the good folks at PayPal with all the information and documentation they’ve asked for. Now we're just waiting for them to re-activate our account.

From PayPal to Square

In the meanwhile, so as not to inconvenience people any longer than necessary, we’ve switched all our registration forms to another payment processor, Square. This will enable you to pay your registration fees using VISA or MasterCard credit cards. So if you've had difficulty registering before, please try again now.

Also, anyone who has recurring payments set up on PayPal for Foundation Studies tuition installments, please contact James Brian at the RSCT ( and ask him to send you an alternative single payment form (for each installment) using Square.

We may switch back to PayPal once their service is restored, since their commission fees are lower for charities like the RSCT.

Thank you for your assistance and understanding as we deal with these challenges. 

May 23 update: PayPal is now finally working againand we've switched most of the payment forms back to PayPal.

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Anthoposophical Youth Conference August 2019

This is probably the Youth Conference that was to have taken place in Halifax this summer, concurrently with the World Waldorf Festival. However, since the World Waldorf Festival has now been postponed until the summer of 2020, this summer's Anthroposophical Youth Conference will instead take place in Spring Valley New York. Learn More

Also Emerson College Alumni Gathering August 7-11

The Emerson College Gathering will also be happening at about this time in August. It's for everyone who has been connected in any way with Emerson College (in Forest Row, Sussex, England). Details on the Emerson College Gathering August 7-11, 2019.

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