August 2017

Art -- it's not just for "artists"

Art is not just for artists. Or conversely, everyone is or can become an artist. Art is not all about the finished work. It's about the process of self-discovery. That’s the Arscura ethos.

We’ve just added a page for "Arscura - School for Living Art", on the RSCT website, because we want to acknowledge the contribution that Jef and Regine and their Arscura associates have made to the Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto programs over the past decades, and affirm that we want Arscura and the RSCT to work closely together going forward.

To dig a little deeper with the title theme, it’s one of the axioms of Waldorf education that every student should study every subject. Waldorf students are not streamed into academic and practical specialties. From a Waldorf perspective, elementary school and high school are not a time for children to specialize. 

At a Waldorf school, every student gets to play sport and be on teams, not just the natural born athletes. Everyone gets to act in plays, and everyone learns to do art, just as everyone learns math and does science experiments. 

For adults who have somehow missed out on a Waldorf education when they were children, it can be a liberating experience to explore something — like art — that they imagined that they couldn’t do, or were not “good” at.

Photos accompanying this post are from the 2017 RSCT Summer Festival of Arts and Education.
Check out the Arscura page on the RSCT website for links to upcoming and ongoing Arscura courses and programs in art and biography studies. Thanks to Luciana for the photos.


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