November 2015

Songs for Martinmass Lantern Walk

Our Collegue Sandra Ghali has made this helpful youtube video to help parents and children learn songs for their Martinmass Lantern Walks. It is a wonderful resource for the richness of Waldorf education. We are pleased to announce that Sandra has agreed to join our faculty for our Summer Festival of Arts and Education and will be teaching "The Art of Teaching Grade 1" July 4 to 8.

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  May 16, 2016 15:43PM
Ahmed Raza
Laternelaufen pronounced la't??n??lau?fn? ‘Walking with Lanterns is a German tradition for the time around St. Martin's Day. On 11 November (or later/earlier for reasons of appointment) children usually in kindergarten age or younger walk along the streets holding colourful, often self-made lanterns Laternenumzug, Lantern Pageant. Laternelaufen is slightly competing with Halloween, but they are different enough to coexist.This is a good blog keep it up and if we are talking about a com...

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