December 2016

Trillium Waldorf School Bread Oven

RSCT graduate Jessica Gladio built a bread oven with her class in third grade at the Trillium Waldorf School in Guelph. After many years of baking bread, cinnamon buns and pizza the oven was damaged by vandals. She and her class of now seventh graders decided to rebuild it and make it even more beautiful. So she invited me and a team of aspiring Waldorf teacher/bread-oven-builders to come and work with the class. We had a day of good fun and hard work. Now the school has a much improved wood-fired bread oven. -ed

"Hello Warren,
My class loved squishing and stomping in the cob and adorning themselves in the latest cob make-up fashions.  It was a lovely experience which brought back a lot of memories from when we originally built it back in Grade 3.  It's beautiful and we have been lighting small fires in it since you left in hopes that it will be dry enough by tomorrow to bake bread after closing ceremonies at out school.  If not it will make a lovely start to our grade 8 year!  Our class treasurer will be sending a cheque to the Steiner Centre for you in the mail in the coming days.  Thanks again for your support and expertise!

Jessica Gladio"



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