September 2016

Scholarship Funds Available for All Steiner Centre Programs

The Steiner Centre is pleased to announce that we now have dedicated scholarship funds for each of our programs. Thanks to the many contributions we have received each year from individuals and foundations, our programs are now more accessible for people of any financial means. We believe that honest conversations about money/cost/resources can strengthen community and help us all to learn to ask for what we need and equally to offer freely what we can.

Foundation Studies Scholarship Fund

For those students facing financial challenges in meeting their goals to complete the prerequisite Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy (in-house and distance - parts 1 and 2), in preparation for Waldorf teacher education, tuition assistance is available from our scholarship fund.  Foundation Studies contributes greatly to understanding the standard of excellence in the worldwide Waldorf movement and to inspire individuals to train and contribute to this most important work. This fund is enthusiastically supported by a wide circle of generous benefactors.  Funding is limited.Please complete the scholarship application form if this will help you step into your future.

"Dear Gene and the Rudolf Steiner Centre,
It is hard to convey over email the depth of my gratitude for the financial support you have offered. It means a great deal to me and to my family. The scholarship offers emotional and moral support as well, knowing that there is a group of people who want me to have the opportunity to further my studies and to make a greater contribution to work in Waldorf Education. I will hold this in my heart as I begin Foundations Part 2."

                                                                                      Sincerely, Jenny Taylor



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