April 2018

Classroom Management and School Leadership -- Masterclass with Dianne Walters, April 23-27

From April 23-27, guest lecturer Diane Walters will be giving a four-day course on the subject of “Classroom Management and School Leadership”  as part of the Professional Development for Waldorf Teachers Full-Time program at the Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto.


Over the last ten years, Dianne Walters has worked as an educational consultant, mentor, evaluator and teacher, mostly working with Waldorf schools in the Pacific Northwest region. She is currently based in Calgary.


Open Invitation for Continuous Learning


This is an open invitation to all to attend in full or in part and to engage in this important topic for our schools. The fee is $60 per day or $300 for the week. Please contact James at if you are interested in attending. Here's a link to a video of Dianne speaking at TED:



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