May 2020

Early Childhood Part-Time Graduation, March 2020

Despite the stress of the temporary closing of the Rudolf Steiner Centre and most of our Waldorf schools on Friday, March 13th, we were fortunate to be able to celebrate the completion of a fifth cycle of Professional Development for Waldorf Early Childhood Teachers Part-time with 13 graduates.

Although the potentially record breaking number of over 100 guest dwindled on the day, many family members, our faculty and mentors, and our special friends were able to join us in this bittersweet celebration. 

Mature and Diverse

This event highlighted some of the exceptional qualities of this graduating class. They are the most mature (average age thirty-seven), experienced and culturally diverse group of currently practicing teachers we have had to date.

They showed great resilience in meeting the challenges of the current pandemic but also in meeting many personal crises during this two-year journey. Three of the students spoke movingly about the importance of the program in deepening their understanding of Waldorf pedagogy and in transforming their lives. 

What Are Graduates Doing Now?

During Year II, five of the 13 students have taken new position with greater responsibility. In addition, one has founded her own home/farm Parent and Child program which attracts future applicants to local Waldorf schools, and we continue to develop the faculty of the Everlasting Tree School, a Mohawk /Waldorf initiative school on the Six Nations Territory with two trained early childhood teachers.  

Our growing reputation has attracted four students who, despite the growing fear of border closings, still travelled from Washington, Pennsylvania and Florida for this final session.   

Since the Program Began…

A recent survey showed that of our 51 graduates to date, 38 have taken positions with more responsibility and of these 16 have become lead teachers, four are working in public school programs and implementing Waldorf pedagogy, two have become Waldorf grade school teachers, three provide Waldorf home-schooling or home childcare, three are homemakers or retired, and one has gone back to school to finish her degree. We are proud of our record and believe that we are on the right path.

Words from a Graduate

Here is an excerpt from one graduate’s speech from the 2020 graduation: 

“As I immersed as a Waldorf parent looking for ways to support my children in this unconventional education, I found myself on a personal trajectory of my own - reconnecting with Spiritual beliefs that laid dormant for 16 years.  It is through this amazing training program and the opportunities to absorb the spiritual reflections of Anthroposophy - that I now find myself "coming full circle" to this piece of identity that I lost.

Every facet of this training and the depths of spirituality we discussed have transformed me in so many unexpected ways, and reawakened what truly feels a part of me in order to understand and go forth, and it is my hope I carry this knowledge and spiritual consciousness intentionally in my daily life.”

Join the Class of 2022

The part-time Waldorf Early Childhood class of 2022 is now forming. If you might like to be part of it, please call Jan Ney Patterson at 905-764-0934 or email her at to explore the possibilities.

The first session for the class of 2022 will take start on June 14th. However if the Covid shutdown isn’t over by then and classes need to be cancelled, the RSCT will refund all tuition fees that have been paid. LATEST UPDATE: In case we can't meet in person for the June 14th summer session, we are exploring alternative dates or means of delivering this first session. Registration fees have been waived in consideration of this challenging time. Find more information and an online registration form at this link.

Thanks to Emily Watson for the photos.

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