October 2017

Envisioning the Future Follow-up

Photo above: Diana Hughes gives a brief history of the Rudolf Steiner Centre as part of the introductory presentations.

Friday, September 29, 2017, 4 to 6 pm

This past Michaelmas, Sept. 29th, the Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto presented its new 10-yr plan and invited ideas and suggestions for further work and development from the community. Some 75 people took up the challenge and worked together for two hours on a Friday afternoon to brainstorm about how the work of anthroposophy in the world could be furthered in various fields through the RSCT.

Spontaneous groups formed at the meeting to address everything from anthroposophical therapy, to deepening of foundation studies, to Waldorf teacher education, to anthroposophical hubs, to childcare and homeschooling.

Open Space - An Evolving Exploration

Using the technique “Open Space: An Evolving Exploration into the Head, Heart and Hands of Energy Descent”, participants created groups around themes from the 10-year vision and chose which group or groups they wanted to participate in.

The key questions were:

What ideal goal do we want to achieve in three (3) years for this theme of the vision?

What can I/we do to get there – actions, resources, ideas?

What are questions/concerns to address?

Yes, there was a lot of “blue sky”, but that's where it starts. Now we need to bring this enthusiasm and these ideas down into actionable steps and realize some short-term goals.

To That End:

The board members and staff of RSCT will develop a three-year strategic plan with five key objectives we want to realize. Please see the description of the process of developing the strategic plan at the end of this report.

We ask you to aid us in that by continuing your conversations. Connect to the contact person of the group(s) you were in to continue the conversation and help move it towards actions that we can undertake.

Read over the notes from your group and from others. Where can we take a step, what do we need to do it, what can “I” do to make it happen? One small step at a time . . .

Please connect with me at or 613-791-8325, or come into my “office” to bounce off ideas and see what the centre can do to help.

This was a great event, with so much energy and good will from every person there. Let's continue it and use the amazing individual resources and gathered on this spot.

Take me to the full "Envisioning the Future" report.

Elisa Vander Hout came all the way from Durham to participate in the Envisioning the Future event. She brought this dragon bread which was baked by her husband Michael Schmidt. Those are red flowers in the dragon's mouth.

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