May 2019

Foundation Studies Intensive in Hanoi, Vietnam, June/July 2019

Once again this summer the RSCT, in cooperation with Trinh Huynh, is offering a course in Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy in Hanoi, Vietnam. This summer's course will run from June 24th to July 19th.

Reg Down, Paul Hodgkins, Regine Kurek, and Jonah Evans will be teaching the course. The translators will be Trinh Huynh and Lan Nguyen. Trinh writes:

"About the course content, the course will be Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy. About the course structure, it's 4 weeks long, excluding weekends, running from 8:30am to 4:30pm every day. The mornings are lectures, and the afternoons are various other activities: eurythmy of 1.5 hour every day led by Reg, study groups on "Philosophy of Freedom" and "Theosophy", and Biography sessions led by Regine.

About the morning lectures, in the first 2 weeks, Paul will lecture on core topics in Anthroposophy, that is, "the Science". In the mornings of the 3rd week, Jonah will lecture on "the Religion" theme, connecting Buddhism, which is the most popular religion in Vietnam, to Christianity and Anthroposophy. And in the mornings of the 4th week, Reg and Regine will lecture on "the Art" theme, guiding the students through the outer and inner space of the First and Second Goetheanums, showing the various archetypes of the human being found therein."

If you know anyone who would like to enroll in this course please have them contact Trinh at:

You can read reports about last year's course on the RSCT blog.

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