November 2018

Some Background about Frederick Amrine

Diana Hughes first met University of Michigan professor Frederick Amrine on one of her trips to Ann Arbor on behalf of AWSNA to work with a developing initiative for Waldorf teacher education, The Waldorf Institute of South-East Michigan. 

At the time Fred was working on translating Steiner’s lectures on architecture. He had wanted to meet Diana’s partner, John Kettle, founding editor of “Canadian Architect” magazine, to ask him to write introductions to the books he was translating, Steiner’s “Architecture as Peace Work”, and “Towards a New Theory of Architecture”. 

Through the connection with John and Diana, and eventually James Brian, Canadian Indigenous architect Douglas Cardinal was persuaded to write a preface for one of Steiner’s books on architecture lectures that Fred was translating.

Fred’s first lecture at the Rudolf Steiner Centre, in October of 2010, was “Moral Imagination in Architecture: the case of Berlin”.

This was followed by several more years of annual visits with topics such as “Music as a Threshold Experience” (2012), Rudolf Steiner as Expressionist Architect” (2013),“Truer than True: Fairy Tales as Archeological Digs” (2014), and “Steiner, Beuys and the Bees” (2015).

And now, after three years, he returns to the RSCT for a presentation of “Two Short Lectures on Karma”, this coming Saturday Nov. 18th. 

In 2011, in honor of the 150th anniversary of Steiner’s birth, Frederick Amrine wrote an 11-page introduction to Steiner’s work, which Diana Hughes considers to be one of the best introductions to Rudolf Steiner and anthroposophy.

Initially it was published in “Being Human” but later reprinted as a booklet by the Anthroposophical Society in America.

Diana says she’ll have a few copies available after Fred’s lecture for $3 each.

And once again, here's the poster for Fred's November 18th presentation of two short lectures on Karma:

If you would like to help us promote the Fred Amrine lectures in November, you can download a printable pdf version of this poster at this link. Thank you.