July 2019

Spiritual Awakening in a Scientific Age - Lecture Series in Downtown Toronto, Autumn 2019

In the autumn of 2019, the Toronto Branch of the Anthroposophical Society will host a lecture series at Innis College (of the University of Toronto). The title of the series is "Spiritual Awakening in a Scientific Age".  

The first speaker in the series is Professor Frederick Amrine, who will speak on Thursday, September 26th. Professor Amrine's talk is entitled "Doorway to Spiritual Science: Rudolf Steiner as Architect".  He will begin with a general introduction to Rudolf Steiner, along the lines of his widely acclaimed "Discovering a Genius" article and then take a deeper dive into Rudolf Steiner as an architect.

The series will continue with talks by the Rev. Evans on Thursday, October 17 and Dr. Kenneth McAlister on Thursday, November 21.

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