June 2019

Nicanor Perlas - From AI to Threefolding

Above: This was the scene last night in the TWS music room, with all the people who came to hear Nicanor's talk on the challenge of AI.

We were a little nervous about hosting an international speaker on a weekday near the end of June, but we needn't have worried. People rallied to the call. Folks came from as far away as Buffalo New York, Montreal Quebec, and Durham Ontario to hear Nicanor Perlas share his knowledge and insight last night on the topic of artificial intelligence and the challenge it presents to humankind in the 21st century. A big thank you to everyone who came out and helped make the evening such a success.

Tonight Nicanor will be speaking again in the music room at the Toronto Waldorf School at 7 pm on a topic that has the potential to be something of a solution to the problems he described last night -- social threefolding. Without getting into the details too much, this will be about how society can be restructured so that its institutions can be made more responsive to genuine human needs and concerns. 

Two photos above: Nicanor being interviewed this morning for a documentary film on Social Threefolding.

Nicanor has been quietly supporting efforts in this direction in his native country, the Philippines, where good things are happening on the local level at least, in a growing number of towns and cities, inspired by ideas based on Rudolf Steiner's idea of the Threefold Social Organism, that Nicanor was invited to share with local leaders. 

Above: Janet, Melissa and Gloria came all the way from the Buffalo New York area to hear Nicanor's talk on Artificial Intelligence.

So while last night's presentation was challenging on many levels and many people were being awakened to threats they barely knew existed, this evening's talk promises to be a little more encouraging, as we learn about some of the ideas and the ways that human beings can mount a meaningful response to social challenges such as Artificial Intelligence.

Gabriele will again be selling copies of Nicanor's two most recent books as well as many books which he mentions in his bibliographies, at a book table in the hallway outside the music room tonight. Nicanor says that following his lecture tour in the United States, his books are sold out down there. So we're lucky that Gabriele still has copies left at her TriFold book table.

Hope to see you tonight at Nicanor's talk on Social Threefolding.

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