June 2019

Full-Time Waldorf-Teacher Graduation 2019

Class of 2019 Waldorf Teacher Full Time Grads, flanked by Director of Early Childhood Jan Patterson (left), and Director of Education, James Brian (right). Student grads are L-R: Lee Joong Gwang, Ariadne Castillo, Sulemita Herrera, Liu Dong Dong, Wahsant:io Hill, Daniel McSharry.

Every year at the end of May the Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto graduates a fresh batch of Waldorf teachers from the Professional Development for Waldorf Teachers Full-Time program. This year there were six graduating teachers, including two in the Early Childhood Full-Time stream. 

Where Are The Grads Going?

So who are they and where are they heading off to next in their professional journeys?

Daniel McSharry is going to be working as an assistant in the Grade Four class at the Toronto Waldorf School during the mornings. In the afternoon he will be teaching various classes as a math and science specialist. When we talked to him a few weeks ago he was planning to look for accommodation nearby to TWS. He'll be here for the RSCT Summer Festival (July 8-26) and then he's off to Columbia for a couple of weeks vacation.

Early Childhood specialist Wahsant:io Hill is returning to her home and family at the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory (near Brantford) where she plans to open a Waldorf-inspired home childcare. She feels that this is an impulse that has come to her out of the cosmos and is something she has been wanting to do for a long time. For more about Wahsant:io see this earlier blog post.

Liu Dong Dong is staying in Canada a little while longer. She's planning to go to Montreal and visit museums. Then she's headed back to China for a bit of a rest and spend some time there considering her options. There are many Waldorf schools and initiatives in China where she could teach.

Sulemita Herrera has friends coming to visit from Australia. Then, with her friends and her husband, she, will travel around Canada for five weeks. Then she'll be back for the TWS Summer Camp, then back home briefly to Mexico, and then off to Costa Rica where she will be teaching Grades One and Two (15 children) at the Bona Casta Waldorf School, where RSCT alumna Katherine Beecham is currently teaching.

Ariadne Castillo was going to do a little more practice teaching in the TWS preschool with Mr. Mario, before going off to Barcelona, Spain for a month. Then she'll be back to work at the TWS summer camp where she'll have a group of four-year olds. Then it's off to Tijuana, Mexico where she will be teaching a mixed-age kindergarten in a new initiative that has been running for three years now. The school has a close connection with the San Diego Waldorf School in California, which is just across the border.

Lee Joong Gwang went back right after his RSCT graduation to attend the graduation of the Grade Eight class he had student taught at the Cincinnati Waldorf School. After that he is going to San Francisco and then he’ll be back at the RSCT for the Summer Festival from July 8-26 where he will be helping to teach some classes. Lee and his wife Young Sook are originally from Korea, but they have been living in the US where Lee worked as an engineer and their children attended Waldorf schools. Lee hopes to eventually start a traveling school that would be based on a boat.

Sulemita and her husband, Eduardo.

Daniel and friends, with a copy of the programme for the graduation.

Ariadne (right) with her mom.

Longtime RSCT handwork teacher Annette Wintjes, and her neice from the Netherlands.

RSCT teachers Diana Hughes and Paul Hodgkins.

Recorder playing at the graduation.

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