August 2017

Hamo Hammond Funeral August 18th

Hamo Hammond, long-time board member of the Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto, and pillar of the anthroposophical community, passed away on Monday August 14th, 2017.

Hamo and his wife Brenda came to Toronto in 1993 for Hamo to work as a management consultant with Volkswagen. This was a offshoot of Hamo's earlier work with the NPI, an anthroposophical business consulting group founded by Bernhard Lievegoed.

First contact was Biodynamics

Hamo and Brenda were originally from South Africa where Hamo's first contact with anthroposophy came through biodynamics and meeting Australian farmer Alex de Podolinski. Although he had studied chemical engineering and had a university MBA, Hamo became a practicing biodynamic farmer from 1972 to 1976. Later he worked with Weleda UK.

His later management consultancy led to work with the Sekem community in the middle east, and with the United Nations in Guyana.

Filling in as RSCT Director

Soon after arriving in Canada in 1993, Hamo made contact with Diana Hughes at the RSCT, later joining the board, and even eventually replacing Diana as RSCT director for six months, while Diana was having hip surgery. Hamo and Brenda also hosted anthroposophical study groups at their home in Richmond Hill, and took part in the local work of the Anthroposophical Society.

Last year, in 2016, while living in Ottawa, he was part of a small group of anthroposophists who helped arrange the local logistics for a large-scale, Canada-wide, anthroposophical conference there. The photo at the top left of this post is from that conference.

Hamo's  funeral will be held on Friday, August 18th, at 12 noon in Smith Falls (a small town near Ottawa), at the Blair and Son Funeral Home at 112 Beckwith Street.