May 2019

The Many Faces of Larry Young - One Highlight From the Summer Festival of Arts and Education

Larry Young, a former high-school art teacher from Green Meadow school in Spring Valley New York, will be leading a Week Two (July 15-19) workshop on "Faces – an Artistic Doorway to the Self".

"In this watercolour workshop participants will work with physiognomy and the four temperaments to explore characteristics of the human soul as we experience it here in the physical world. Through this in-depth examination of ourselves and our fellow human beings we hope to achieve glimpses of a higher soul life.

Larry Young is a graphic designer, illustrator, painter, filmmaker and former high school art teacher at Green Meadow Waldorf School. He is the co-founder of the Phoenix Arts Group a non-profit in New Jersey dedicated to raising public awareness of the role art plays in human development and social renewal. 

The cover painting on the Summer Festival brochure (photo below) is one of several hundred faces Larry has painted in a still-ongoing personal art project. The composite picture above includes a few of Larry's face paintings, along with a photo of Larry's own face.

Download a copy of the full Summer Festival brochure here.

More information about the Summer Festival on the RSCT website.

The Summer Festival also offers grades intensives for Waldorf teachers going into grades 1-8, from July 8-12th. Application deadline for the 2019 Summer Festival of the Arts and Education is now extended to June 30th.

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