February 2018

Move the Mars Seal in Eurythmy March 3rd

In the early decades of the last century, the philosopher and educator Rudolf Steiner drew what he called "planetary seals" for each of the seven planets -- as seen from the classic pre-Copernican, geocentric point of view. These seals are like a harmonic resonance of each planet, and can be moved in Eurythmy.

Following up on previous sessions with the Saturn seal and the Sun seal, Eurythmist Reg Down -- who has recently moved to Thornhill from California -- will be leading a group in moving together in Eurythmy, Rudolf Steiner's Mars Seal. 

This session willl take place Saturday March 3rd from 1:30 to 3:00 pm in the Eurythmy room at the Toronto Waldorf School. Cost: $20. Students or seniors, $15. Please RSVP to

For more biographical backgound on Eurythmist Reg Down, see the RSCT original Saturn Seal post.

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