April 2018

Mercury Seal Eurythmy Saturday April 14th

From Eurythmist Reg Down:

This Saturday, April 14, I will be leading a group through Rudolf Steiner’s Mercury Seal. Steiner created seven seals in all, the five initial ones for a conference in Munich at the turn of the 20th century. A few years later they appeared, transformed, on the columns in his architectural masterpiece, the first Goetheanum. So far we have covered the ‘past’ seals of Saturn, Sun, Moon and Mars. Mercury is the fifth, the one which corresponds to the time in which we are living, where we have to develop a “self-conscious image consciousness”. On May 5th and June 2nd we will explore the ‘future’ seals, Jupiter and Venus.

Mystery Drama Connections

In this Mercury session the focus, aside from immersing ourselves in the form itself, will be to take a look at how Steiner used this form in one of his Mystery Dramas, The Portal of Initiation. In the seventh scene, Maria, one of the main protagonists, meets her three soul forces as objective beings in the spiritual world: Astrid, Philia and Luna. They carry the forces of thinking, feeling and will, respectively. Maria circles the three with specific soul gestures, while the soul forces gesture their respective vowels in their respective zones and with their respective qualities.

The participants have varied from group to group—a mixture of those who had attended a previous seal plus some were new to the endeavor. The majority are beginners as regards eurythmy so don’t be shy about turning up!

See you there!

Reg Down

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