June 2019

Getting Ready for Nicanor Perlas' talk on Humanizing Artificial Intelligence June 26th, 7 pm

We're Looking forward to Nicanor Perlas' talk this evening on Humanizing Artificial Intelligence. Nicanor arrived last night and has been spending the day keeping up with his various other projects over email and such.

Like the Seventh Seal

Toronto -- well, Thornhill, actually -- is the seventh stop for him so far on his North American tour this summer. We were over at the music room checking things out earlier today and putting up a couple of tables in the hall, one for Gabriele's books, and another for Sybille Hahn, who has kindly agreed to collect the admission fee of $20 from each person.

We wanted to keep the fee affordable, while still having a good chance to cover our commitments to Nicanor. We paid for his flight from New York, are putting him up in a hotel for three nights, where he can relax better and get more done, than if he were staying in a private home, and we want to give him a good honorarium as well.

World Class Author and Activist

So we're hoping lots of people will take advantage of this rare opportunity to hear a world-renowned author and activist share his views on the challenges facing humanity in the 21st century.

Those include Artificial Intelligence (tonight June 26th at 7 pm), and Social Threefolding -- recognizing the threefold nature of society and working with it, rather than against it (tomorrow June 27th, also at 7 pm).

His Books Sold Out in America

Tonight Gabriele of Tri-Fold books will be on hand with copies of both of Nicanor's recent books. His 1999 book on Shaping Globalization has been recently reprinted with some additional sections. Nicanor will be signing books for people after the lecture. You can bring your books from home or buy one (or two) at Gabriele's book table which will be in the hall outside the Music Room.

Nicanor said that as a result of this summer's tour, his books are now sold out in the United States, and they had ordered 350 copies of them to begin with. He said that crowds of about 80 people have been typical for his American events.

Now it's Our Turn

We'll see if we get that many here in Thornhill, at the end of June, two weeks after school is out. However, a few people have contacted us, wanting to reserve advance tickets, worried that all the seats will be sold out. We've told them that we are not taking advance reservations, but we are hoping to have space for everyone who wants to be there.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in the Toronto Waldorf School music room tonight at 7 pm. The part time Early Childhood course students have been working on a marionette show in the music room. They'll leave their stage, covered with silks, and we'll have to work around it. Should still be room for enough chairs for everyone, and we're soon going over to set them up, in good time for tonight's lecture! More on Nicanor:

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