May 2019

Part-Time Grades Waldorf Teacher Program - Starting in July 2019 - Spaces Still Available

Unlike with the Early Childhood part-time program in which new students can start only every other year (next cycle starts summer of 2020), new students can join the part-time Waldorf Grades Professional Development beginning any year in July. 

This year's part time program (for both new and returning students) starts July 8th, 2019 and runs concurrently with the Summer Festival of the Arts and Education.

A few spaces are STILL AVAILABLE for the part-time Waldorf Teacher Professional Development program starting in JULY 2019.

New Deadline June 30th for BOTH Full-Time and Part-Time Professional Development for Waldorf Grades Teachers programs.

Full-Time Waldorf Teacher Program Details  

Part-Time Waldorf Teacher Program Details

PLEASE NOTE: Teachers or any interested adult may register for courses in the Summer Festival even if they are not part of the part-time Profesional Development for Waldorf Teachers program.

Early Childhood Teacher Programs

At this time in Early Childhood education the RSCT is only accepting students for the full-time professional development program, since the two-year part-time program is half-way through, and will begin again in June of 2020. New deadline for Early Childhood full-time applications is June 30th, 2019.

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