October 2017

"The Portal of Initiation: Mystery Drama, to be performed in Thornhill, Nov. 4th

Tim and Magi Nadelle and their troupe of TQuest actors and stage hands have been working for three years now on producing Rudolf Steiner's "Portal of Initiation", gradually adding more scenes over the course of the three years. Some actors have been part of the project from the start, while others have come and gone.

This year for the first time, they're putting on the whole play, all six hours of it. And there are no plans for follow-up productions in future years. So this may be your best chance to see this mystery drama produced locally by people who have been devoted to this work for three years.

RSCT Foundation-Studies-Program-Director, Paul Hodgkins (lead photo) is one of those who has been involved in the project since the start, playing the role of Benedictus, a spiritual teacher. He writes about his experience with the production:

"At first, I was not so happy to be allocated the role of Benedictus, because I could find nothing in my life experience which could inform me for this role; but, gradually, something unfolded.  I am very grateful to have been a part of this initiative, and to work with such a fine and cooperative group of people.  Tim Nadelle, especially, has done an amazing job of holding things together.  

A Knot of Karmic Threads

In Scene I, a group of people, practically the entire cast, meet and discuss spirituality from very divergent points of view, seemingly unable to find a point of agreement.  In Scene III, Benedictus tells Maria that a knot is forming, woven out of karmic threads.  In the final Scene XI, we see all the people from Scene I, meeting in the spiritual world, and, together, they comprise the very knot of which Benedictus earlier spoke.  In spirit, they dedicate themselves to each other for healing work in the world; it is a beautiful picture.  

This has led me to look in a new way upon the communities in which I have lived and worked.  I now feel gratitude for my fellow human beings, even those who have opposed me, because I can see that our coming together is founded together in spiritual intentions which want to serve the good.  It is my hope that, if nothing else, the audience members can take this away with them...."

For a synopsis of the play and a link to register online for tickets, press here.