October 2017

Anthroposophical Funnyman Ronald Koetzsch

Ronald (not McDonald) Koetzsch is a Professional Comedian

Ronald Koetzsch is a professional stand-up comedian and monologist specializing in humor about Waldorf Education, Anthroposophy, and related matters. In the past twenty years, Ronald has given over 500 performances at Waldorf schools and conferences and at anthroposophical institutions and events in North America and other parts of the world, including New Zealand and Australia. In August 2010, he performed in the Great Hall of the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland, giving perhaps the first example of stand-up comedy in that venerable venue.

And a Card-Carrying Academic...

Ronald holds degrees from Princeton (BA) and from Harvard (MA and PhD) and has taught at Boston University, Dartmouth College, and Hampden-Sydney College of Virginia. He was for many years a senior instructor at the Hurricane Island Outward Bound School and also a writer and columnist for East West Journal. Ronald is the founding and current editor of Renewal: A Journal for Waldorf Education.

For many years he was a faculty member and the Dean of Students at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, California. Ronald lives in Fair Oaks with his wife, Anne, his ginger Maine Coon cat, Amelia, five bicycles, and six fountain pens. His son, stepson, and stepdaughter all attended Waldorf school.

Ronald's show is rated “G” and is appropriate for sixth graders and above. All the humor is positive and comes out of respect and love. There is no humor that is demeaning or hurtful. The show contains no profanity, no bathroom humor, and no picking on members of the audience—unless they seem to deserve it.

Photo (above left) showing how Ronald embraces the cultures of other NAFTA partner nations -- and will therefore fit right in, in contemporary Canada -- is via the City of Lakes Waldorf School website.

Comments from Survivors of Ronald’s Performances

“Ronald is a comic genius.”

—Lorenzo D’Aleo, psychotherapist (not Ronald’s!)

“Ronald is a great comedian who helps us to lighten up, laugh about ourselves, love one another more, and experience the joy of living.”

—Margit Ilgen, storyteller, speech artist, and psychotherapist

(also not Ronald’s!)

“As one of a rare and treasured breed of stand-up comedians in a too serious world, Ronald brings the healing hilarity of the most unusually combined percepts and concepts you will ever have the joy of responding to.”

—Ted Mahle, artist and painter

“Ronald gets to the heart of the matter and makes us laugh.”

—Arline Monks, Rudolf Steiner College

“Ronald was hilarious when he performed ‘The Beeswax Conspiracy’ in our community. Along with broad Waldorf themes—the Parent Total Indenture Tuition Program, the Steiner Points Lifestyle Quiz, How to Survive the Teacher Home Visit, et al.—he brought humor based on personalities and hot issues in our school. In closing, he gave a very moving picture of the larger ideas that stand behind Waldorf Education in a way that even new parents could understand. The laughter and sincerity of the evening was a wonderful medicine for our school community. It was great! He was great!”

—Patrice Maynard, former class teacher and AWSNA leader, currently director of Waldorf Publications

And from parents and teachers at the Susquehanna Waldorf School, Marietta, Pennsylvania—

“Ronald was a delight. . . . When he started talking about the temperaments, I couldn't stop laughing . . .

“It was amazing that he knew so much about our school and the personalities in it. It was so much fun to just spend an evening laughing at ourselves, our community, and at perceived Waldorf eccentricities. It really brought us all together."

“Although it was his first visit, Ronald was at total ease and was enthusiastically embraced by all. He was able to make each of us laugh and enjoy being together. It was an evening of laughter and joy and of a much-needed irreverence.”

Ronald's Koetzsch's free public lectures this week -- "Anthroposophy 101" on Wed. Oct. 11th and "The Beeswax Conspiracy" on Fri. Oct. 13th are co-sponsored by the Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto and the Toronto Waldorf School. 

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