November 2017

Saturn Seal Eurythmy Sunday Dec. 3rd

This Sunday Dec. 3rd, eurythmist Reg Down will lead a workshop on The Saturn Seal, from 9:30 to 11:30 am in the Toronto Waldorf School forum. In his poster for the event, Reg writes that Rudolf Steiner drew seven planetary seals that are like a harmonic resonance with each planet, and they can be moved in eurythmy.

New Kid in Town, Reg Down

Here in Thornhill we probably have more interesting people than your average suburb. The Toronto Waldorf School plays a role in that and we can probably thank TWS for the arrival here this summer of Reg Down, eurythmist, puppet player and author of books for both children and adults.

Reg and his partner, Miki Higashine, who teaches Grade Three at TWS, came here from Sacramento, California, which, like Thornhill, has long been a major anthroposophical hub.

Born in Flin Flon Manitoba, Reg grew up in Namibia, South Africa and Ireland, where his father worked as a mining engineer. Young Reg was only 18 months old when his family moved to Namibia. They lived in Africa until he was eight, and then moved to Ireland. There, he went to school in Dublin, in a school founded by Charles II in 1672. 

When he was back there in Architecture school

When he graduated at age 17, Reg went to London to study at the Architectural Association School, with Keith Critchlow, who was into Chartres Cathedral, Stonehenge and the geometry of megalithic sites. Many of Reg’s friends at the time were into various ancient spiritual streams, but while Reg was seeking a spiritual path, none of the streams his friends were into, appealed to him.

Reg wanted something more modern and appropriate to the times. At one point he asked a friend for a list of all the occult bookstores in London. The first one Reg visited was the Rudolf Steiner bookstore near the British Museum. When he picked up a copy of Theosophy, and started to read it, he knew he was home.

One of his fellow students and friends at the school was Julia Barfield, and when Reg told her he was interested in anthroposophy, she suggested they go to a lecture by her uncle, Owen Barfield. She also told him about Emerson College, an anthroposophical training centre for adults, located about an hour south of London, near Forest Row.

It turned out that John Davy, the leader of the Foundation Year program at Emerson College and Keith Critchlow, Reg’s teacher at Architecture School knew each other, and so, with Keith’s letter of recommendation, Reg was readily accepted at Emerson College.

From Eurythmist to Puppet Master

Reg’s studies at Emerson College, starting in 1976, when he was 21, proved to be something of a turning point in his life. After  a foundation year and a year of eurythmy studies at Emerson Colllege, Reg went to Pennsylvania with his new wife, Susan Trigaux. While in Pennsylvania, their son was born, and Reg was introduced to puppetry through Susan’s father, whose day job was as a New York business executive, but whose passion was puppetry.

Reg then continued his study of eurythmy in Nuremberg, Germany with Margarete Proskauer-Unger. He and Susan then lived and worked in Australia, Vancouver, Nelson BC, and then finally in Boulder, Colorado, where he and Susan went their separate ways.

Reg then moved back to Nelson, where he met his present wife, Miki. Reg and Miki moved to Sacramento so Miki could take the Consciousness Studies program with Denis Klocek. But that one year turned into 19 years. 

And now they’ve moved here to Thornhill so Reg can be close to his aging mother who now lives in North York.

Puppet Plays and Eurythmy Workshop

Here in Thornhill, Reg is continuing his work both with puppetry and with eurythmy. Over Hallowe’en he put on one of his puppet shows six times, both at TWS and at the Paper Pipet bookstore. He will be doing another two performances of his “The Cricket and the Shepherd Boy” on Dec. 16th at 10:30 and 11:30 am in the TWS kindergarten.

And coming up soon, on Sunday December 3rd, Reg will be leading a Planetary Seals eurythmy workshop beginning with The Saturn Seal, which Reg describes as the foundational seal, embodying centre periphery, as well as secondary and tertiary polarities. Reg says it is a fun seal for a group to move. Please register in advance at Cost $15.

Check out Reg's Author Website,

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