February 2019

SAVE THE DATES: Upcoming Events at the RSCT, around the Thornhill Anthroposophical Campus, and in Halifax and England

Julian Mulock on Picturing the Invisible, April 7, 14 

Here's looking forward to two Sunday afternoons at the Steiner Centre April 7th and 14th, with artist, actor and illustrator, Julian Mulock, who will be exploring art works and art history related to the theme of "Picturing the Invisible -- the Spiritual in Art". Details are still being worked out. Check closer to the date for full info. Photo above is of Julian with some of the props he made for the local 2017 production of Rudolf Steiner's mystery drama "The Portal of Initiation".

RSCT Summer Festival of Arts & Education, July 8-26

Once again the RSCT will be offering grade-specific summer courses for Waldorf teachers, along with other study and arts courses based in Waldorf and anthroposophy, suited for a more general audience of parents and friends. The web page for the Summer Festival has been updated for 2019 on the RSCT website, and you can register online there already now. Or drop by the Steiner Centre for a more detailed brochure in mid-March (we're still putting it together) if you’d like to learn more. The theme for this year’s session is from Friedrich Schiller — “Only through Beauty's morning gate, dost thou enter the land of Knowledge”. Here's the link to the RSCT Summer Festival page with a link for online registration.

RSCT's First Ever Young Adult Retreats - July, Aug.

The RSCT is organizing a couple of week-long retreats for young adults this summer, in July at Glencolton Farms, in Durham Ontario (July 19-25), and in August at Wakefield (New dates Aug 18-24) in the Gatineau Hills of Quebec. The idea behind these programs is to create a week-long experience in which young people will be able to connect with anthroposophy through art, nature, farming, and the experienced mentors who will be running the programs. This is the first time such programs have been offered in Canada. Read more at this link. 

Waldorf Alumni/ae World Festival in Halifax, Aug. 7-12

TWS grad Micah Edelstein is one of the key organizers behind this event, which seeks to draw Waldorf Alumni from around the globe to come to Canada for a once in a lifetime festival of all things Waldorf. Fortunately the scheduling is such that festival attendees would be also able to take part in one of the RSCT retreats, either before or after the festival this summer. Read more on the Festival website.

Emerson College Alumni Gathering, Aug. 7-11

Emerson College in England is also having an alumni gathering in August of 2019. This may be the first such event that they have ever hosted. Unfortunately there is a date overlap with the Waldorf Alumni/ae World Festival in Halifax. So you won't be able to attend both. More details on the Emerson event here.

It's Anand Mandaiker Week at Hesperus Feb. 18, 21

The first event, on Monday Feb. 18th, at 7 pm is when Anand will be a guest speaker at the "Money for a Better World group", where we've been meeting twice a month since Easter of 2015 to study Rudolf Steiner's ideas on economics and the threefold nature of society. See the poster below for what exactly Anand will be speaking about. If you're coming for this event, RSVP to  Details on poster below:


The second event, on Thursday Feb. 21st, at 7 pm, titled "Buddha and Christ", is being presented by some members of the committee that is working towards the formation of a new members group here in Thornhill.

Arscura Open House March 1st - 3rd

RSCT partner Arscura will be having an open house exhibition of student work at 901 Rutherford Rd, Thornhill, opening March 1st 7-9 pm. Details on the poster below:


New Thornhill Area Members Group - Tues. Mar. 19th

We should take this opportunity as well to mention the meeting that is planned for Tuesday March 19th, to consider together taking the step of forming a new local anthroposophical society members group in the Thornhill area. Some people wonder if there isn't already a members group here. Well, there is. It is the Thornhill Group that has sponsored a number of events over the last few years. Up until now, that group has focused on coordinating outreach among the various initiatives on the campus. However, it has not been what people generally think of as a members group. 

And then there's the first Tuesday of the week study group at Hesperus which some people seem to think is a members group. It started out as a gathering of anthroposophists who happened to be living at Hesperus, and although the question was posed there as to whether this group wanted to take the step of becoming a recognized members group, the answer at the time was "no". The group has since evolved into a study group, that has been most recently working through some books about life between death and rebirth, and our relations with the so-called "dead".

The organizing committee, which has met three or four times so far, would like to invite all local members of the Society to gather in the Foundaton Room at Hesperus (upstairs living room in the old section) on March 19th at 7 pm, to come to a decision on forming a new local members group. If you are a member of the Society and can't be there that day, and would like your voice to be counted, either yea or nay, please email with your message for the meeting.

Not a Member?

If you are not yet a member, you can become one. Membership in the Anthroposophical Society is open to anyone who regards the work of the General Anthroposophy Society at the Goetheanum (in Switzerland) as a good thing, and is willing to support it’s statutes and principles, and through membership dues. For further membership questions or to join, please contact Jef Saunders at

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