March 2019

Star Seedlings Childcare - Open House April 6th

All hands on deck to prepare the Star Seedlings childcare for an open house on April 6th. Left to Right: James Brian, George Ivanoff, and Karen Weyler putting the finishing touches on the renovation of the new childcare. Thanks to Rob McKay for the photos.

First Star Seedlings Childcare - in Guelph

One of the goals in the current RSCT strategic plan is to open childcare facilities in various locations across Canada to serve children whose parents can't stay home to look after them. The first such childcare is set to open at 81 Speedvale Ave. in Guelph, on April 6th, 2019, with an Open House invitation already being circulated this week to local parents, friends, and the general public. See poster below:

On February 2nd, members of the RSCT board visited the then-future site of Star Seedlings and brought gifts for the childcare. In the photo above, Diana Hughes presents a refurbished wooden cradle that was used by both her children and her grandchildren, complete with doll and bedding. Here it is in a closeup below:

A whle ago we posted on this blog, a list of items which the fledgling Star Seedlings would like to receive to be used in their program. Here (below) is an updated version of that list.

Hand-Made Toys Still Wanted for Star Seedlings

Dolls: about 14 both pajama and dress-up with clothes, simple hair and with faces, i.e. eyes and a mouth in a perfect triangle

Stand-up Puppets: various family figures and professions, approx. 6” high, no arms, head ¼ of total size of figure, needlefelted wool underside that is removable. 100% Wool felt

Animals: knitted, felt or made from felted sweaters, simple and true colours, farm and domestic only

Wooden Cradles with Bedding and Blankets 

Birthday Crowns: 8 in various sizes to fit children aged 2 through 6 years, wool felt, with elastic backing, decorated with number of birthday i.e. 1 each 2 years and 6 years; 2 each 3 years, 4 years and 5 years

Bean bags: 20 sized 3x3” and 20 sized 6x6”, solid red or blue corduroy, filled with dried beans

Balls: knitted, wet felted, sewn felt, filled with wool fleece

If you are not handy or have no time, we would be happy to receive cash donations, or you can purchase items from the Paper Pipit Star Seedling Wish list. Linda is giving us a special rate. 

Please contact Jan Ney Patterson or call 905.764.0934 if you have questions or to make donations. 

We would love to receive this by April 1st if possible. 

Photos of the New Star Seedlings Childcare - a Work in Progress

Below: More pictures from that February 2nd visit:

The childcare is located in a former church manse. The church itself is off to the right of the picture above.

Above: view from the back parking lot of the new childcare. 

Above: panning to the right of the photo above the previous photo to show more of the back parking lot.

Above: Speedvale Ave is a major thoroughfare in Guelph. The house is set well back from the road. Before it was acquired by the RSCT, this house was already established as a licensed childcare under the name "First Steps". In the picture above, the old sign is still there. It has since been replaced by the new Star Seedlings sign below:

Here are some more recent photos of the state of the childcare, from March 7th, via Karen Weyler:

Above: kitchen renovation nearing completion.

Lazure painted walls above and below:

Above: new hand carved stair railing. Below: new window.

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