July 2020

Star Seedlings Childcare and Nature Kindergarten in Guelph - Re-opening in August

As you may remember from the RSCT's Strategic Plan, one of our plans was to develop Waldorf childcare initiatives in addition to our main work of offering courses in anthroposophy and educating Waldorf teachers.

The first of these new childcare facilities was opened in Guelph in May of 2019 under the name Star Seedlings. Karen Weyler, who also teaches in the Early Chldhood program at RSCT is the director of childcare there.

Enrollment of children at the new initiative gradually increased over the year to the point where the project was becoming financially viable, when all of a sudden this past March of 2020, everything was closed down due to the Covid 19 shutdowns.

Now finally Star Seedlings will able to re-open in August and is looking to find more full-time children aged 18 mo to 5 yrs to enroll in the program.

In addition to the childcare, Star Seedlings is also looking to start offering a Nature Kindergarten experience for a group of about eight children aged 4-5, starting in September.

We're sharing this with you, as a friend of the Centre, to keep you informed as to what the RSCT has been up to in this realm, and also with a request to please pass this on to any parents of young children you might know in the Guelph area.