June 2020

Summer Festival and Part Time Waldorf Teacher Program Registration Deadlines Now June 30th

Above: felting a picture in Kathy Young's Creative Felting course at the 2019 RSCT Summer Festival of Arts and Education. This year's students will still be doing hands-on felting like this even though the instruction will be provided via Zoom teleconference.

Not Many More Days to Register for Summer Festival

Learn from home in this time of restricted travel and gatherings. Save on travel and accommodation. Courses are open to anyone interested in Waldorf education. You don't have to already be a Waldorf teacher. This program is open to Canadians, Americans, and international students.

Not Just Zoom but Artistic Activities Too

And while presentations will be taking place via Zoom teleconference (you will need access to a computer with speaker and microphone), there will still be lots of artistic activities, independent work, and small group discussions, to keep everyone interested and engaged.

Above: Students from Korea at the 2019 Summer Festival. This year's online Summer Festival will enable students from far away to learn about Waldorf education without the added expense of airfare and accommodation.

Bonus for Foreign Students

The fact that the Summer Festival is being offered online is also an advantage for people who live far away and for whom the cost of travel would otherwise be prohibitive. Although we did have one student last year from Lebanon, and several from Korea (see photo above) in the 2019 Summer Festival.

Save on Tuition Fees

With this year's online courses you will save 30% over in-person tuition fees. Online Summer Festival tuition fees:  $450 CAD per week (equivalent to about $320 US), $850 CAD for 2 weeks, $1,200 CAD for 3 weeks, $225 CAD for 1 week half day.

Registration Deadline Extended to June 30th

The registration deadline has been extended to June 30th. That's 22 more days to register if you're reading this on June 8th.

Click here for more information and link to online registration form.

Michelle Frank of the Toronto Waldorf School (middle in photo above with her family) was one of the graduates of the Part Time Professional Development for Waldorf Teachers program last year.

Part-Time Waldorf Teacher Professional Development

This is a three year program that usually involves three weeks of in-person classes during the Summer Festival of Arts and Education. This year however, those three weeks of classes will be based online, around Zoom teleconference, also including small group breakout sessions, guided artistic activities and independent projects. 

Save on Tuition Fees, Travel, Accommodation

New students are invited to start their first year of the program this year. Both first year and returning students will save $600 on the tuition fees this year due to the Summer Festival component of the course being offered online. There will also be savings on the travel and accommodation costs that would normally be incurred for three weeks of in-person classes. So, while we're looking forward to resuming in-person classes for 2021, there are some advantages to the courses being offered online this year.

Registration deadline has been extended to June 30th.

Click here for more information, and link to online registration form.

Painting Class from RSCT's 2019 Summer Festival of Arts and Education.

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