March 2020

Summer Festival of Arts and Education Courses Announced for July 6-24, 2020

Above: Justin Trombly talks about how he introduced the ukelele in his grade three class, July 2019.

This year for the first time, Summer Festival Grades Intensives will be full-day specific to each grade. Not only the morning classes, but also the afternoon activities and arts will specifically tailored for each of the eight grades. We are doing this in response to feedback from last year'a students, and we hope this will enable class teachers to be even better prepared for the year ahead.

Grade-Specific Arts Activities in the Afternoons Too

In last year's intensives just the mornings were grade-specific and the afternoons were combined for two grades (ie 1&2, 3&4, 5&6). This year the artistic and movement activities in the afternoon will also be specific to each specific grade. This should make for a more complete and effective preparation for teachers getting ready for the grade they will be teaching in the autumn.

But grade intensives aren’t the only reason to come to the 2020 Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto’s Summer Festival of Arts and Education. This year’s program includes many other exciting courses relevant to Waldorf teaching.

Above: Photo of former NASA engineer Gary Banks with students in the lab.

More than Just Grades Intensives

For example, there’s former NASA engineer Gary Banks’ course on “Living Science Through the Grades”. Then there’s Kathie Young’s “Wet and Dry Felting”, which was a big hit last year. There’s also Julian Mulock’s new course on “The Group of Seven and the Spiritual in Art”.

And then there's the return to the RSCT of Nettie Fabrie, a master teacher and mentor originally from the Netherlands, along with co-presenter Wim Gottenbus. Together they will be leading a week-three course on "Individualization and Differentiation in the Consciousness Soul Age".

Case Studies of Waldorf Schools

Another first for this year’s program will be “Leading Learning Communities - a Case Study of Two Waldorf Schools”, with Heather Church and Arlene Thorn.

These are just a few of the twenty courses being offered this summer during the three weeks from July 6-24. See below for a summary of all the courses being offered at the 2020 RSCT Summer Festival of Arts and Education. 

And check out the Summer Festival page on the RSCT website for links to an online registration form and a downloadable pdf version of the full Summer Festival brochure. Photo above left of Wim Gottenbus and Nettie Fabrie.

Summary of Courses for Summer Festival 2020: