March 2018

2018 Summer Festival July 9-27 -- Now Open for Online Registration

Online registration for the 2018 RSCT's Summer Festival is up and running, as of yesterday. You can access the link from several different places on the Summer Festival webpage. Or use THIS DIRECT LINK TO THE ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM.

And here's a link to download a pdf version of the eight-page Summer Festival brochure if you'd like to learn more about the courses and workshops that will be offered.

This year's Summer Festival, which runs from three weeks in July, from July 9th through the 27th, features some innovative and unique courses and workshops.

First Ever "Indigenous Waldorf Week" 

One of these is a full-day course in Week Three, titled: "Indigenous Waldorf Week -- On Behalf of First Nations Children: Searching for an Education". From the summer festival program:

"Waldorf is an education created for cultural renewal. Waldorf/Indigenous schools are emerging to lay the foundation for the re-kindling of Indigenous spiritual, cultural, linguistic and community life. 

Two leading Haudenosaunee teachers, Amy Bomberry and Aronhiateni (Sean Thompson), who inspire their teaching from Waldorf pedagogy, Chandra Maracle, a cofounder of the Everlasting Tree School and two experienced Waldorf teachers, Les Black and Elyse Pomeranz, are the facilitators for this course. 

This course is open to all who want to enter into an open exchange on how Indigenous education can benefit from using Waldorf education and how Waldorf schools can learn from Indigenous culture and spirituality and present it to their children in an authentic way. Both Indigenous and non-Indigenous participants are welcome."

Mary Willow from New Zealand

Another innovative course that takes place in third week of the Festival -- in case you needed a good reason to register for all three weeks -- is with parenting and early childhood teacher and consutant Mary Willow, who is currently based in New Zealand.

Mary is well known to many in the local anthroposophical and Waldorf community because she has moved back and forth many times between Canada and New Zealand. But in recent decades she's pretty solidly in New Zealand, where she helps parents learn to parent in a Waldorf-inspired way.

Mary's full-day week-long course at the Summer Festival is titled: "Early Childhood for Parents ñ ìRoots and Wings: Laying the Foundation for Children to become Confident, Resilient, Free-thinking Adults". Here's the course description (from the Summer Festival brochure):

"Early childhood is the critical period for laying the foundation for all learning and well-being. We cannot understand the child’s journey through the early, middle and teenage years without this insight. This workshop will give a new and essential understanding of the profoundly different stages of childhood, how children learn at each stage and how to respond with age-appropriate parenting and teaching. 

From there we will focus on what to do when children encounter difficulty and how to guide them through sensitivity, reactivity, resistance and distraction to confidence, resilience and success. Mary is the founder of Plum Parenting (, a service providing one-on-one education and mentoring for parents and teachers in New Zealand." 

Learn Waldorf Remedial Methods with HEART

Margaret Beard and Arlene Kamo will be offering Summer Festival participants a taste of RSCT's HEART remedial Waldorf education program through a morning course during Week Two, titled: HEART Remedial Education -- "Learning to Read the Movements of Our Children". From the Summer Festival brochure:

"Many things are revealed in the gestures of movement. In this workshop, Marg and Arlene, co-directors of RSCT’s Healing Education and Remedial Training Program (HEART), will offer parents and teachers the opportunity to awaken capacities of observation in the movement of their children in order to understand the importance of archetypal developmental movements in early childhood. In addition, the educational practices that can be offered to support and/or remediate this on-going foundation of the will in grade school children will be explored." 

And Something Especially for Homeschoolers Too

Marg Beard will lead a Week Two, afternoon course, titled: Homeschooling Workshop with Marg Beard -- "Living Learning in the Home". From the brochure:

"This workshop, while working with Steiner’s pedagogical principles, will explore the essentials in educating your child(ren) at home and will invite you to actively engage in the art of creating an environment for living learning that suits your unique home setting. Marg is a co-founder of the Rosewood Homeschooling Group and, working with the principles of Steiner’s pedagogy, homeschooled her three now adult aged children from birth through the high school years."

Courses for Grade School Teachers:

All that's in addition to the usual preparatory courses for Waldorf class teachers, to help them get a headstart on preparing for their next year's teaching, not to mention courses in Waldorf language teaching, Eurythmy, celebrating festivals, and developing your meditative life as a teacher.


One week full-day is $600. Two weeks is $1,100. Three weeks is $1,500.

One week half-day is $350. Two weeks is $600. Three weeks is $850.

Next Steps:

Read the full details about all the course offerings in the downloadable pdf version of the Summer Festival brochure (optimized for fast downloading).

For more of a summary of courses and programs, see the Summer Festival web page.

And if you're ready to register now, or just want to see the registation options, here's a link to the new online registration form.

Join us this summer for an experience of the wider Waldorf community!

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