July 2019

2019 Summer Festival of the Arts and Education Starts Today at the RSCT in Thornhill

Above and below: Monica Sutherland leads students in a song from the Torres Islands at the opening assembly Monday morning July 8th.

The RSCT's 2019 Summer Festival of the Arts and Education officially started today with an 8:30 am singing session for students and faculty, with Monica Sutherland (see photos above). This year's festival attracted students from as far away as Korea, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Mexico and Iceland, although most of the students are from Canada and the US.

Above: Eurythmy class with Susann Herb Eddy on Monday afternoon.

This year's enrolment is up from last year. According to RSCT executive director James Brian, there are 117 students registered in this year's programs, which breaks down to 75 or 80 students in week one, during which the full-day grade intensives take place, then about 50 students in each of week two and week three.

Above: Lunchtime conversations on the grass in the RSCT front yard on Monday July 8th.

This year, for the first time, there was a gathering at 5 pm on the Sunday before the course started for faculty and first-year part-time Professional Development for Waldorf Teachers program students. This year there are eighteen students starting first year in the program. Photos below are from that event:

Above and below: First-year Waldorf teacher part-time students meeting with faculty on Sunday July 7th.

Brian Searson (middle) and Ena Bruce (right) are here. Brian will be teaching chalkboard drawing.

Phil Hartman, Ena Bruce and Diana Hughes chat with students.

Phil Fertey from Vancouver is teaching the Grade Eight intensive this week.

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