May 2020

Summer Programs Update – Some Moving Online

Photo: Creative Felting Class with Kathie Young, from the 2019 RSCT Summer Festival.

Friday May 8th, 2020

Summer Festival – Moving Online for 2020

It’s becoming clear that we will not be able to host our usual in-person Summer Festival of the Arts and Education from July 6-24 of 2020 as previously announced due to Covid-19-related restrictions. However, rather than cancel the event entirely, we are moving it online, to the extent that this is possible. 

There will be a 30% reduction in tuition fees, for the online Summer Festival, from what the in-person course would have been. We have updated the application form to reflect the new lower fees. So you can go ahead and register now. And of course you’ll save on travel and accommodation as well. We are hoping to return to in-person classes for the 2021 season.

New fees (all in Canadian dollars) are $450 for one week, $850 for two weeks, $1,200 for three weeks, and $225 for one-week afternoons or mornings only.

Unfortunately there will be some courses that can’t be included in the online offerings. We expect to announce full details within a week or so. And if you’ve registered for Summer Festival courses already we will be refunding the difference between the new and the old tuition fees. And if you register now for courses that we end up not being able to offer online, we will of course also refund the tuition for those.

More information and registration link on the Summer Festival Page.

Early Childhood Part-Time Program – Movable Start

It is not too late to apply. If you are still interested in applying for the new cycle of Professional Development for Waldorf Early Childhood Teachers Part-time Program we are considering postponing the start date of the summer session (previously scheduled for June 14th) to make it possible for more people to attend either in person or online. Please contact Jan Ney Patterson for more information at to discuss your situation. We hope to be able to update this with more details in a week or so.

More information and registration link for Early Childhood Part Time Program.

Glencolton Farms Renewal Retreat – Not Going Online

This is one summer program that we are not considering shifting to online. We are keeping open the possibility that the program may be able to go ahead as planned on July 12th. Do register if you are interested and we will of course be giving a full refund if we need to cancel due to Covid-19 restrictions.

More information and registration link for Glencolton Farms Renewal Retreat

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