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Wed. June 26, 2019 Evening

Nicanor Perlas on AI's Challenge to Humanity


Thurs. June 27, 2019 Evening

Nicanor Perlas on Social Threefolding


July 8-26

Summer Festival of the Arts and Education


July 21-27

Young Adult Retreat at Glencolton Farm


August 18-24

Young Adult Retreat at Wakefield Quebec




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Bringing Spirit into Life

Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto facilitates cultural renewal. We offer workshops and trainings in Waldorf Teacher Education, Remedial Education, Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy, Biodynamic Agriculture and the Arts. Here research into the spiritual nature of the human being brings practical insights for work, play and community.


Waldorf Teacher Education


Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy

We offer internationally accredited programs for Waldorf teacher education. Focus on early childhood, grades, high school or specialty subjects.
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  Rudolf Steiner gave a legacy rich in insight and practical inspiration. Learn how to bring spirit into life through living, heart-filled thinking.
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March 2019

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The Silk and Strings Marionettes group put their recent learnings about Indigenous culture to good use earlier this year in three performances of  "The Dancing Stars", the Mohawk legend of the Origin of the Pleiades, at the Toronto Waldorf School’s Children’s Winter Festival in mid-January of 2019.

Putting the Learning into Practice


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Much of the world’s art has been in service of the spiritual. The discovery of perspective and other scientific methods may have interrupted this; but not for long...

Goethe and Newton

In the late 18th century Goethe developed a colour theory, an alternative to Newton’s, which challenged the way in...

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RSCT Storytelling Teacher Now on a Bigger Stage

Dawne McFarlane, who has led storytelling courses and workshops at the RSCT for many years has a new role in the wide world of storytelling. Starting this year, Dawne is Artistic Director of the Toronto Storytelling Festival, which begins today, Saturday March...

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July 2018

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Day three activity. It's not all sitting and listening at Indigenous Waldorf Week.  

Notes and report by  Joaquin Munoz


We have been given so much by our Haudenosaunee instructors at the Indigenous Waldorf Week. It would be impossible to calculate the amount of content, history,...

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