Wakefield Retreat 2019

Experience Anthroposophy in the Arts and in Nature

August 18-24

NOTE: Young Adult Retreat Application Deadlines Extended to June 30, 2019

In the Gatineau Hills, Quebec, Canada

In the world we live in today, there is need and thirst for deeper understanding of what lies behind the material world. Technology offers greater connectivity and yet there is a need to be heard and understood. Many are suffering from the dissonance created by our modern lives. 

Our theme for the retreat is “World of the Senses and World of the Spirit” by Rudolf Steiner. Every day, through in-depth study groups, artistic expression in eurythmy, drama and creative exploration with land art, participants will get a glimpse behind the material veil and gain a better understanding of themselves and their place in world evolution. 

This week-long retreat is for young people who want to see themselves and the world in a new light, who want to feel they are a part of a whole not only an individual, who want to express themselves artistically, who want to share their story around a campfire, and who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.


Bienvenue! We are a community of professional artists, teachers and farmers, deeply rooted in the local cultural and agricultural communities, with a long standing interest in studying, teaching and creating events in the light of anthroposophy.

Jean-Charles Le Gal Leblanc

Jean-Charles LeGal-Leblanc has been a Waldorf teacher since 2005 and holds certificates from the Foyer Michael in France, and Waldorf teacher education from Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto. He currently works at Trille des Bois, a French public Waldorf-inspired school and lives on a farm in the Wakefield area. 

Julie Le Gal

Julie Le Gal is a professional actor trained in Speech and Drama work and particularly in the Michael Chekhov technique. She has taught acting for professional actors in Melbourne, Australia, in the US and Canada. She has studied and worked with the findings of anthroposophy for over 20 years and lives with her family in the Wakefield area.

Sylvie Richard

Sylvie Richard, is a Spring Valley Eurythmy School graduate. She currently teaches pedagogical eurythmy to children in Ottawa and freelances in the United States. She holds a Biographical Counselling diploma from the Biography and Social Development Trust in England as well as a Masters in Education from Antioch University. Her thesis is titled “The Teacher as Artist”.

Sylvie is also a visual artist, and she will lead the afternoon program on Social Sculpture and Nature Art. See photo at the bottom of this page from one of her workshops, titled "Exploring Creative Forces in Nature and Art with Sylvie Richard, Visual Artist and Eurythmist".

Marc-Antoine Brodeur

Marc-Antoine Brodeur works as a trained eurythmy therapist and Waldorf teacher in Stuttgart, Germany. He studied eurythmy in Botton Village Camphill, England. After having taught theatre, singing, anthroposophy and eurythmy at the Foyer Michael foundation year in France he took part in a world eurythmy tour and then completed a curative eurythmy therapy training. 

Jean-Michel Brodeur

Jean-Michel has been working in artisitc education since 2002, creating and leading theatre workshops for the Stratford Festival, Théâtre français de Toronto and the Toronto branch of the Anthroposophical Society in Canada.  He has a certificate in artistic education from York University.  

As a professional actor, Jean-Michel has acted on stages across Canada and screens around the world. He has trained in theatre at Studio 58, the Conservatory for Classical Theatre at the Stratford Festival and the Actors Conservatory at the Canadian Film Centre. A co-founder of ArtiCulture, Jean-Michel is passionate about bringing people together with art and nature.

Stunning Location in the Gatineau Hills 

Our retreat, in the beautiful Gatineau Hills, is on a wilderness ranch with a private 10-acre lake for swimming, canoeing and row-boating as well as 50 acres of wilderness trails for hiking, horseback riding and simply taking in the pristine nature. A short drive away is beautiful Wakefield, Québec. This full-service town is a gateway to Gatineau Park, offering hundreds of kilometres of back country trails and pristine lakes perfect for hiking, cycling, swimming, canoeing or kayaking.

The area offers the quiet of the country only 25 min outside the bustling capital, Ottawa, which has an international airport. The area is primarily an English minority in the vibrant French Québecois culture, unique for North America.

Daily Rythm

6:30 Morning Swim in the private lake (optional)

7:00-8:00 Organic Breakfast

8:00-9:30 Morning Study with Jean-Charles LeGal-Leblanc

• World of Senses and World of the Spirit, the heart of our retreat

9:30-10:00 Break

10:00-11:30 Artistic Activities with Julie Le Gal and Marc-Antoine Brodeur

• Eurythmy, Speech and Drama (Michael Chekhov Technique)

11:30-1:00 Organic Lunch

1:00-4:00 Land Art, rain or shine, with Sylvie Richard

• Explore and create art with materials from nature using social
sculpture and place-based education 

4:00-6:00 Free Time

• Immerse yourself in the community with beekeeping and biodynamic agriculture on local farms, wildcrafting, building forest shelters, hiking wilderness trails or paddling and swimming in the lake

6:00-7:30 Prepare and share supper with gourmet chef Maxime Jalbert-Hiscock

• learn to cook delicious meals using fresh organic ingredients from local farms

7:30-9:00 Evening Cultural Study

• Biography work, reflection, singing, music and stories around the fire

Rates and Registration 

$1600 CAD - Private Room  (4 available)

$1400 CAD - Shared Room- Queen bed  (4 available)                                                                                                                                      

$1200 CAD - Shared Room - Single bed (8 available)         

Only 16 spots available! Reserve yours today.  

All accommodations, meals and airport transportation included. Arrive at the retreat on August 18, leave for the airport August 24. Five full days of program in between. 

A non-refundable, transferable deposit of 50% is due June 1st and the balance is due July 15th. 

Horseback riding is available at extra cost (requires a down payment at the end of May.)


Pine and Birch Ranch and Retreat. Sleeps 16, 50 acres, shared rooms, great rustic comfort. This is a space where most of our activities can happen. To request a longer stay, contact Pine and Birch directly at: http://pineandbirch.ca/

Catering and Meals

Our wholesome vegetarian catering is fresh, organic/biodynamic food that is sourced from local farmers. We can accommodate most diets. Meal delivery only. Community clean up. Cooking will be led by Maxime Jalbert-Hiscock (Yoga in the Kitchen) http://yogainthekitchen.ca/en/english/

For more info, email info@rsct.ca, or call 905-764-7570

Download a pdf copy of the Wakefield Retreat Brochure (low-res file)

Download a pdf copy of the Wakefield Retreat poster suitable for printing and posting

Click here to register online ($100 deposit required)

Help Sponsor a Young Person to Attend

There may be young people who would like to take part in one of these young adult retreats but who cannot themselves afford to pay the costs involved. If you would like to help sponsor a young person to attend one of these events, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the RSCT's sponsorship fund. Your generosity could make a big difference in someone's life.  Here is the link for making that donation.

From a poster for "Exploring Creative Forces in Nature and Art with Sylvie Richard, Visual Artist and Eurythmist". Sylvie Richard will be one of the featured presenters at the 2019 Wakefield Young Adult Retreat.

EXTRA: Waldorf Alumni/ae World Festival

Coincidentally, the Wakefield Retreat from August 18-24 is scheduled to take place after the Waldorf Alumni/ae World Festival that will be taking place this summer in Halifax from August 7th through 12th. 

If you're coming to Canada this summer to attend the Wakefield Retreat, why not come a little earlier and also go to the Alumni/ae Festival in Halifax.

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