October 2019

Waldorf 100 Celebration Sunday Oct. 27th, 3:00 PM

Come to our Waldorf 100 Celebration Sunday Oct. 27th.

The first Waldorf school opened in Stuttgart Germany on September 19th, 1919. Since then, Waldorf has grown to become the second largest independent-school movement in the world.

This year and especially this autumn, Waldorf schools around the world have been celebrating the centenary of Waldorf education, each in their own way.

Here in Thornhill, the Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto and the Toronto Waldorf School have been working together to prepare a Waldorf 100 celebration that is to take place on Sunday October 27th at 3 pm.

You're Invited

We invite anyone who feels connected to Waldorf education, either as a teacher, parent, alumni/ae, student, or newcomer.

About ten years ago the Toronto Waldorf School commissioned filmmaker Nadia Tan to produce a series of video interviews with Toronto Waldorf School founders with a view to preserving something of the school's founding impulses.

World Premiere

Those videos have never yet been publicly shown. But finally, on October 27th at the Waldorf 100 Celebration they will have their world premiere.

There will also be a retrospective slide show and photo exhibit highlighting scenes from the history of both the Toronto Waldorf School and the Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto.

Now we don't go back 100 years here, but we've been able to dig up lots of great photos from some of the early days and from the later history of both initiatives.

Personal Reflections

There will also be a space for people to share personal reflections from their experience of local Waldorf history. And to top it off there will be refreshments. 

There is no charge for this event. Everyone is welcome. And there's free parking too. We know it's a busy time of year but we do hope you will come and celebrate 100 years of Waldorf with us in the TWS music room, on Sun. Oct. 27th at 3:00 pm.

James Brian, for the Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto

Katie Ketchum, for the Toronto Waldorf School

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