May 2019

Young Adult Summer Retreats in July and August at Glencolton and Wakefield -- DEADLINE EXTENDED

This is the first year that the RSCT has offered week-long retreats for young adults (18-35) to explore anthroposophy in a social setting. It's an experimental program. Two dates and venues are being offered.

The first, from July 19-25, will be at Glencolton Farms in Durham Ontario. Michael Schmidt's Glencolton Farms is an established biodynamic farming and community-fostering initiative that has welcomed school classes and apprentices for many years, and contributed much to the culture of agriculture and music, while exploring new social forms for farm ownership, operation, and customer involvement.

The second retreat will be August 18-24 at Wakefield, Quebec, in the Gatineau Hills, not far from Ottawa. This retreat will focus on working with the arts, including drama, in a natural resort setting.


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Photo: Glencolton Farms, as seen from the top of the farm's windmill tower.

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