March 2019

Waldorf Education for and by First Nations

On March 7, 2019, in Ottawa, Canada, 300 guests celebrated Douglas Cardinal‘s 85th birthday. Douglas is a world-renowned Indigenous architect who designed the Museum of the American Indian in Washington and the Canadian Museum of History in Ottawa

As well, he has always been a strong advocate of education for Indigenous children and in 2011 he cofounded the Douglas Cardinal Foundation for Indigenous Waldorf Education. Here's a quote from Douglas Cardinal on education:

"So the challenge today is to get back to the original principles of respecting the child and developing a concept of education around the child’s needs, around the child’s rhythms and teaching the child to be responsible, to follow his own talents, his own path and his own direction.

And I believe the system of Waldorf education does that and is open to bring in the languages, the teachings of the elders and the thousands of years of knowledge and traditions of being in harmony with the land, in harmony with each other, because their whole concept of teaching is teaching the child that we are all connected."

We are pleased to share this video from 2013 with you in which Douglas speaks of how Waldorf education is aligned with Indigenous spiritual values and how Waldorf education can serve as an appropriate model for educating Indigenous children (click link below to open):

Waldorf Education For and By First Nations (45 minute video)

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