Eurythmy Workshops

Eurythmy: an Art of Movement, Connection and Well-being 

Susann Herb Eddy, Detroit Waldorf School

July 8-12, 2019, afternoons

This course is open to anyone regardless of their experience or skill in eurythmy or movement. It is a modern form of artistic movement developed by Rudolf Steiner and now practised worldwide in Waldorf schools and stage groups. 

Susann Herb Eddy has been teaching eurythmy to children and adults in the Detroit area since 1986. Her work includes therapeutic eurythmy. Previously, she worked as a class teacher at Karl Schubert Schule in Vienna, as a group leader for autistic children in Switzerland, and as a kindergarten assistant in Toronto. 

Susann has a diploma in Waldorf Education and Special Education from the Waldorf Institute of Mercy College. Currently she serves as pedagogical chair at the Detroit Waldorf School.

This course is part of the Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto Summer Festival of Arts and Education for 2019, which runs from July 8-26

Check out the Eurythmy Canada website.

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