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The HEART Program

Over the past decades, teachers have met increasing numbers of children who are struggling to meet their developmental stages due to sensory, emotional, and educational challenges both at home and at school.  With remedial support, these students often progress quickly once their underlying needs are met. Without this help, students can carry long-standing difficulties on into their adult lives.

The goal of the HEART program is to strengthen, support, and train educators dedicated to helping students work through their challenges.

HEART is a graduate level, professional development  program that provides teachers, therapists and educational specialists with knowledge and practical skills to work in a healing manner with children facing developmental, social/emotional, and learning challenges.                              

HEART is based on Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophical picture of the human being, Waldorf child development and educational methodologies and the adult development of the educator to develop capacities to observe with understanding, assess with depth of knowledge and remediate with effective practical technique. 


Content and Structure

HEART has been designed to accommodate busy lives and consists of three parts.
Program start dates are flexible and students can work through the program at their own pace.

Part 1, 2, and 3 each consist of 30 – 1 hour mentored sessions plus 6-8 hours of homework per session (readings/artistic activities).The curriculum content has been grouped into modules of study.

Part 3 will have the addition of case studies, practicum and on-site evaluation.

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Qualifications and Certification

Upon satisfactory completion of all course work, including all assignments and written work, a successful practicum experience and full attendance at each session, graduates of the course will be presented with a certificate of completion from the RSCT. This certificate verifies you have trained as an Extra Lesson Resource Teacher, to provide Learning Support both in Steiner/Waldorf classroom settings and to work one-on-one with individuals, to assess learning needs and to remediate those needs through educational therapies, as laid out in the body of work known as the Extra Lesson. The Certificate of Completion of the HEART Program issued by RSCT will carry the approval and authority of the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America.



  • Training in Waldorf education with experience working in the grades or early childhood - or
  • Public school teacher training with completion of Foundation Studies in anthroposophy - or
  • Therapeutic or medical training
    - and -
  • 2 years experience working with children
  • Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy
  • post-secondary education accreditation
  • Internet access


To Apply

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Tuition fee Part 1 $2995; Part 2 $2995; Part 3  $2995


The Extra Lesson – An Introduction

Central to this work will be Steiner’s own indications for remedial education as well as the depth of research conducted by those who have carried these indications over many years of practical work such as, the foundational research of Audrey E. McAllen, author of The Extra Lesson. She developed an assessment and remediation program using movement, drawing and painting exercises to help children with difficulties in writing, reading and arithmetic.  


HEART/Extra Lesson Graduate Auditing Option

Our intention is to form a community of on-going research and therefore we offer graduates the option to participate at discounted prices. This will be particularly relevant for those wishing to become part of the on-going mentoring HEART team. Contact RSCT for further details.

HEART Program Directors

Marg Beard has a BA in Geography from the University of Western Ontario in addition to Royal Conservatory of Music Toronto and Council of Outdoor Educators of Ontario accreditation and has been working with children for over 30 years. During the past 25 years she has been bringing the principles of Waldorf education to her work as an outdoor educator, music teacher, Waldorf-inspired homeschooling parent, tutor, and remedial education practitioner.  She is a member of the mentoring team for both the Foundations in Anthroposophy – Distance and the part-time Teacher Education program at RSCT, as well as an educator at the RSCT Summer Festival of Arts and Education.  As a graduate of the first cycle of the HEART program, Marg offers The Extra Lesson through her private practice, Kallias, to private individuals, Waldorf-inspired, alternative and public schools and homeschooling groups in her local community of Wingham, Ontario.  She also offers Waldorf parenting and homeschooling workshops throughout the province. Marg will be taking the lead on the early childhood component of the HEART program.

Arlene Kamo has a Specialized Honours BA in Psychology from the University of Guelph and a MA in Applied Psychology from the University of Toronto.  Although she is a trained psycho-educational consultant, Arlene came across the Waldorf school movement early in her life’s work and since 1987 has taught more than two cycles from Grade One to Eight as well as Kindergarten and Parent and Child classes.  Arlene completed the Foundations in Anthroposophic Art with Arscura and received her Anthroposophic Art Therapy diploma from the Tobias School of Art in England. She is a graduate of the first cycle of HEART.  More recently, Arlene received certification with the New Adult Educator Program focusing on adult learning processes.  In addition to offering services as an outside evaluator for Waldorf Schools, Arlene is currently serving as Faculty Chair at the Trillium Waldorf School where she mentors teachers, facilitates parent education, and provides educational support for students as an Extra Lesson teacher, tutor, and anthroposophic art therapist.  Arlene will take the lead on the Grades component of the HEART program.

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