Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy

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Can I give meaning and purpose to my life?

Can I begin to transform myself
to be of service to the world?

If either of these are your questions,
this program could be your answer.

Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy addresses the longing felt by many thoughtful people today for spiritual substance and meaning in life. It explores how anthroposophy fosters the connection between spiritual and practical realities. Participants experience anthroposophy nourishing the inner life, supporting creativity, and serving the world.

Anthroposophy — or spiritual science — are the names Rudolf Steiner gave to his philosophy and work. He describes a path of self-development emphasizing clear thinking, careful observation, refinement of feeling, and strengthening of will.

An anthroposophist never feels superior to another person, but only to the person he or she was.

Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto offers two ways of obtaining a certificate in Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy: Encounter (formerly known as "In-House") and Distance - one-on-one mentoring.

Encounter Program

With a well-qualified and diverse faculty, presentations and discussion, artistic activities and reflective practice, this program is engaging and lively, relevant and refreshing. The Saturday sessions include a weekend visit to a biodynamic farm – one example of anthroposophy at work in the world. Waldorf education, anthroposophic medicine, and Camphill Communities are other examples.

The first term outlines the fundamental principles of Steiner's world view:

  • three-fold and four-fold human being
  • festivals and their meaning
  • evolution of consciousness
  • spirituality and the Logos

The second term focuses on soul development and spiritual practice:

  • biography work – your own life
  • Destiny Learning
  • introduction to Waldorf education
  • 12 senses and 4 temperaments

The third term emphasizes anthroposophic work in the world:

  • visit to a biodynamic farm
  • anthroposophic medicine
  • independent research presentations

The full certificate program is 180 hours and is offered at the Steiner Centre, Toronto Waldorf School and other locations by request.  Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy offers a remarkable opportunity for personal growth as well as a foundation for work in anthroposophical professions including our Waldorf Teacher Education program, for which it is a prerequisite. Some programs are mornings only, in which case the work is spread over four terms.

Distance Program

The Distance Program is founded upon one-on-one mentoring relationships that extend over 32 sessions. These take place in person, by telephone or Skype. Mentoring relationships with our seasoned mentors allow for deep engagement with the ideas and impulses arising from anthroposophy in a trusting and deeply personal way. It can also be flexibly tailored to meet your interests and availability. A typical program of 32 sessions, one per week, stretches over an academic year. This can be adjusted by mutual consent to meet your unique situation.

This program is offered in two parts. Part 1 consists of 12 mentored sessions. Part 2 consists of 20 sessions as well as a research paper to extend your knowledge in a particular area of interest. Both parts must be fulfilled to receive a Certificate of Course Completion, which is required for admission to our Waldorf teacher education programs.

How do I take this program?

Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy is offered as a one year part-time course

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Whichever mode of study you choose, this program offers a remarkable opportunity for personal growth as well as a solid foundation for careers in anthroposophical professions, including our Waldorf teacher education programs. Please contact us if you would like to create a Foundation Studies program in your community.

Comments from recent participants

"I particularly loved working with our group; there were so many rich perspectives brought to class, and it deepened the work for me. I really looked forward to getting up on Saturday and going to class. At the end of the program, many of us wanted to keep going!" 

"It's self-experience — not what I expected. It's like meeting another me."

"I appreciated the amazing breadth of Steiner’s work; how his ideas cut across all dimensions of our lives. They were grounded in pragmatic actions that I could take into my daily life, and rooted in the intention to make a practical, positive difference in our society." 

"It shifted and transformed the way I view the world and life. I used to seek for a successful life, but now I seek for a meaningful life."