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Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy Distance Program
Waldorf-inspired Parents and Homeschoolers Option

As more and more individuals choose to parent their children out of the Waldorf philosophy, they become increasingly aware of the importance of gaining an understanding of the anthroposophical foundations of such an approach - the wisdom of the human being, child development and ways in which they can meet the needs of their children, as well as attend to their own adult development.

In response to the many requests from Waldorf-inspired parents, teachers and homeschoolers for ways of accessing Anthroposophy that can accommodate busy home-life, the Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy distance course was created. This customized one-on-one distance course specifically designed for Waldorf parents and homeschoolers includes all topics required for certification thus fulfilling prerequisites for any future Waldorf teacher training or other anthroposophical training. At the same time, the practical work related to parenting and homeschooling provides a focus for digesting the concepts studied in Rudolf Steiner’s basic books. The flexibility and individual attention of the course has great appeal. You can begin the program of assigned readings and personal phone or Skype mentoring sessions at any time and pace the studies to accommodate your schedule.

Mentors for this Foundations Studies distance program bring many years of experience to the program, their training in anthroposophy, as well as their personal experience as Waldorf parents and homeschoolers. Marg Beard, who oversees and mentors this program, has been a faculty member of Chiron for ten years, has her own consulting practice, Kallias, and successfully co-founded the Rosewood Homeschooling group through which she and her husband Waldorf homeschooled their three children from kindergarten through the high-school years. Marg is also a graduate of the Healing Education and Remedial Training (HEART) program.

Program Director: Les Black

Tuition Fee $2,500. Click for tuition fee payment schedule.


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