Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner was born in Austria in 1861, and was educated as a scientist and philosopher. He developed deep insights into the spiritual essence of the earth, universe and humanity. He named these insights "Anthroposophy" - the wisdom of the Human. Steiner, having highly developed spiritual faculties, was not only able to verify for himself the existence and working of spiritual entities, but was able to show his contemporaries how to develop their inherent spiritual gifts to achieve the spiritual growth and development appropriate for their era.

In the course of his life Rudolf Steiner was asked for guidance in many fields and endeavours of life, and was able to inspire others to begin original work and research for the renewal of education, scientific research, social research and other fields.

An impressive number of Rudolf Steiner's collected works - totalling over 350 volumes - are available in English and other languages. These books and others on numerous subjects by authors applying his philosophy to their fields such as such as parenting, farming, architecture, medicine, psychology to name a few, are available in Canada from the Waldorf School Association Bookstore

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