Arscura - School for Living Art

Arscura has worked together with the Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto over many decades to provide art education inspired by anthroposophy to participants in many of the RSCT's programs. We are adding this page to the RSCT website now (August 2017) as an expression of our renewed intention to work together with Arscura, collaborating on future programs. Photo above is of Arscura teacher, Jef Saunders, working with students from the RSCT 2017 Summer Festival. Photo by Luciana.

Fall 2017 Arscura Programs:

The Twelve World Views in our Biography and the Charting of Famous Biographies

Find Your Artist - Change the World

For details on the above programs, see the Current Course Calendar page on

"Arscura, a long standing associate of the RSCT has been developing courses and workshops in the field of art and biography studies. All Arscura courses are born out of an intention to help the individual to deepen their creativity. In our courses participants will experience art as a tool to self-development, spiritual development and community building. Check us out! Artistic experience welcome but absolutely not a pre-requisite! Everyone is a potential artist!" -- Regine Kurek, Arscura founder

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