Parents and Teachers Working Together in the Age of the Consciousness Soul

Waldorf Development Conference

Keynote Speaker: Carol Triggiano

Friday and Saturday, November 10-11, 2017


We live in a time when communication has become increasingly important, but also challenging. Pressure, tension and fear can erode our working together.

This modern age of the Consciousness Soul we live in requires us to lift into the full light of consciousness what was previously felt and judged instinctively. In this conference we will explore the parent/teacher relationship based on the intentional practice of the three pillars of building effective, healthy communication: interest, support and trust.

We will discuss ways to strengthen understanding and empathy, create transparent processes for resolving conflicts and building trust. Against the backdrop of anthroposophy we will see how self-development can create a foundation for parent/teacher that supports the developing child.

For the past 25 years Carol Triggiano (photo at left) has been a teacher at the Chicago Waldorf School, both in early childhood and in the grades.

Carol regularly visits other Waldorf Schools as an evaluator, lecturer and mentor, teaches at the Arcturus Waldorf Teacher Training Program and has served as the Chair of the College of Teachers and as an AWSNA delegate.



Conference Programme

Friday November 10

6:30 - 7:30         Registration

7:30 - 9:30         Keynote, Part 1: Understanding the Parents’ Perspective (this evening talk is open to parents)

Saturday November 11

8:45-10:30         Keynote, Part 2: Speaking as a Teacher Using the Three Pillars to Build Relationships with

                                                     Teachers, Parents & Administrators

10:30- 11:00      Snack

11:00- 12:15      Morning Discussion Groups:  Choose one


                          Grades 1 – 4 

                          Grades 5 – 8 

                          High School 

12:15- 12:45      Gems and Action items from each group

12:45 – 2:00       Lunch (included in conference fee)

2:00- 3:30           Afternoon workshops: Please indicate your 1st and 2nd choices of workshops

                           1. Working with Parents using Non-Violent Communication: James Brian

                           2. Parent work in the early years: Tammy Caldwell

                           3. Conversations with Sculpture: Warren Cohen

                           4. Social-Emotional Development Strategies Gr. 6 - 8: Carol Triggiano

                           5. Drawing with Light and Shadow: Paul Hodgkins                       

The conference fee is $135 and includes a vegetarian lunch and morning snack

Please register by online registration form, with the following exceptions: