Foundation Studies DISTANCE

The Distance program is a one-on-one guided course of independent study and telephone conversations with your personal mentor. It is designed to accommodate challenges of distance and the exceptional circumstances of some of its participants. The full certificate program includes reading (approximately three hours a week) of ten assigned books by Rudolf Steiner and others, on-going journal writing and artistic development. This will be facilitated by 32 hour-long mentored phone calls with an experienced one-on-one mentor.

This course is divided into two parts:

Part I – Introduction to anthroposophy – 12 sessions

Part II – Advanced work with anthroposophy – 20 sessions plus a research project


• One-on-one mentoring

• The program can be tailored to accommodate prior study and experience.

• The principles of anthroposophy can be discussed with direct application to personal goals and questions.

• The program can be started at any time, from anywhere through skype or telephone.

• The pace of reading and mentored calls can offer flexibility to meet existing work and home life demands.

Tuition Fee $2,500. Click for tuition fee payment schedule.


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Gene Campbell – Course director is a veteran of 30 years teaching in public and Waldorf schools, founder of Chiron (Waldorf inspired support for homeschoolers), counsellor and mentor.
Mentors working with Gene are: Marg Beard, Carlina Heins, Merwin Lewis, Les Black, Nina Wallace-Ockenden, Heidi Vukovitch, Sylvie Richard, Paul Hodgkins, Elyse Pomeranz, Barbarah Nicoll, Mark McGivern and Diane Walters.

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