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Sunday. Nov. 18, 2018. 2:30 pm

Frederick Amrine - Two Short Lectures on Karma









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If you would like to help us promote the Fred Amrine lectures in November, you can download a printable pdf version of this poster at this link.

Learn more about Frederick Amrine's background and his long association with the RSCT.


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July 2018

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Day three activity. It's not all sitting and listening at Indigenous Waldorf Week.  

Notes and report by  Joaquin Munoz


We have been given so much by our Haudenosaunee instructors at the Indigenous Waldorf Week. It would be impossible to calculate the amount of content, history,...

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Students take part in a Haudenosaunee round dance together during Indigenous Week studies at the RSCT

Notes and report by  Joaquin Munoz

Adrienne Keene, professor of education at Brown University, and the author of the critically acclaimed blog “Native Appropriations” ( wrote  a critique of the...

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Teachers for Indigenous Waldorf Week at the RSCT: Amy Bomberry, Sean Thompson, and Chandra Maracle.

Notes and report by Joaquin Munoz

Many things about this morning were incredible. Being able to see Haudenosaunee folks, speaking their language, telling their stories, describing their lives, and teaching, is a...

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Prize-winning storyteller Georgiana Keable is coming from Norway to share her stories this Thursday July 19th, 2018, from 5:30 pm to 7 pm, on the wooden stage in the Toronto Waldorf School forest playground, north-west of the school.

Stories from Asia and South America

This performance is FREE of charge...

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