Professional Development
for Waldorf Teachers Part-Time



New enrolment open each spring!

Professional Development for Waldorf Teachers

RSCT’s part-time Waldorf Teacher Education Program is designed for practicing teachers who want to deepen their knowledge of Waldorf pedagogy, expand their artistic repertoire and find practical ways to improve their teaching, as well as step into leadership positions in their schools. We help teachers connect with their creativity and build confidence so that they can work more effectively with students, colleagues and parents. This part-time program has come about in response to many requests from teachers for deeper levels of professional training in Waldorf pedagogy that will help them to fulfill their desire for professional and personal development while working towards full Waldorf teacher certification.

Mentoring and Observation

One-on-one, long-term mentoring is invaluable for fine tuning one's approach to teaching and ensuring that students are truly met through your carefully designed curriculum . Mentoring is a key element in our Waldorf professional development program. Each RSCT student teacher is assigned an experienced Waldorf  teacher as a professional mentor. Your mentor will be available (by phone and/or in-person) for regular mentoring sessions throughout the training. In addition, the mentor will come for a yearly 
mentor/observation visit at the Waldorf school where you are teaching to provide consultation, support and feedback. Where observation at your school is not possible, other Waldorf teaching 
practice will need to be arranged by the student teacher.

Core Ideals of Waldorf Education

This is a program specifically designed to meet the needs and experience of practicing teachers. We will dive into the substance and inspiration for the Waldorf curriculum by working and wrestling with core formative ideals out of which the Waldorf curriculum springs:

  • Living Thinking
  • Moral Imagination
  • Freedom
  • Servant Leadership
  • Evolution of Human Consciousness
  • Transformative potential of the arts
  • Phenomenological Science

Artistic Practice

"Every human being is a teacher, but he is sleeping and must be awakened. Art is the awakener"
                                                                                                           ~  Rudolf Steiner

We will dedicate a significant amount of our program to working through a broad range of arts and crafts. Not only is this an appropriate balance to working with the ideals of Waldorf education, but it also creates space for the imagination, for leaps of inner development and for connecting with the eagerness and vulnerability of children. Each participant will also be expected to continue with their artistic and inner development between sessions.

Course Schedule

Our Professional Development program begins each 3 week summer term by encouraging each teacher to focus on the specific grade level intensive or special subject area that they will be teaching in the coming school year. This helps teachers to feel well prepared for the upcoming school year, so that they can then have the confidence to be open to artistic, pedagogical and personal deepening.

Year 1

    3 weeks beginning on Sunday in July
Autumn and Spring
   Individual Mentoring and Assignments
  1 weekend Workshop
    (includes Waldorf Development Conference Nov 8 and 9)


Year 2

    3 weeks July
Autumn and Spring
   Individual Mentoring, Assignments and Research Project
  1 weekend Workshop
   (includes Waldorf Development Conference)


Year 3

   3 weeks July



Prerequisites for Admission

  • Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy or equivalent, documented in-depth study of anthroposophical research and practice. Please contact us if you have any questions.
  • Currently a practising teaching (letter from employer required). If you are teaching in a non-Waldorf context, you are responsible to make arrangements to teach in a Waldorf school with an experienced and trained Waldorf teacher for a minimum of two weeks each year. 
  • Completion of the required preparatory reading list

Veteran teachers may apply for a customized program.

Contact Warren Cohen, Director of teacher Education, at




Course Director

Warren Lee Cohen M.Ed. is the Director of Teacher Education at RSCT. With a background both in Physics and Sculpture, Warren has found his niche in working with children and adults in Waldorf education. He led a combined class through eight years at the Olympia Waldorf School and then went to England to direct the Foundation Studies Programme at Emerson College. He lectures internationally, has developed programs to train Camphill coworkers, taught both physics and English in Waldorf high schools and led numerous workshops in subjects as far ranging as Projective Geometry and the Art of Baking Bread. His publications include Raising the Soul; practical exercises for personal development, Baking Bread with Children, and Dragon Baked Bread.


Dawne McFarlane M.H.Sc. is a certified Waldorf teacher and RSCT faculty member. She has been a professional storyteller and performing artist for more than 25 years. Dawne is an active member of the Waldorf community as a parent, storyteller, teacher, and committee member. Prior to this, she worked in community development with grass-roots inner city groups designing, implementing, and evaluating community support programs for women and families. As well, she worked with health policy research and development at municipal, provincial, and federal levels. She is an Ontario Arts Council grant recipient, and licensed NIA movement teacher.

This program has been pre-screened with the Ontario Ministry of Trainings, Colleges and Universities and does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.