Teaching Faculty


Gary Banks   Living Science
Diane Walters   Classroom Management
Patrice Maynard   History
Jonathan Snow   Spatial Dynamics
Andrew Starzynski   Mathematics
Sally Lawrence   Painting Curriculum
Regine Kurek   Painting
Jef Saunders   Painting
Diane Walters   Collaborative Leadership/ School Administration
Paul Hodgkins   History and Evolution of Human Consciousness
Diana Hughes   Professionalism
Helene Gross   High School
Leed Jackson   Metalcraft
Elisabeth Chomko   Music and Recorder
Dawne McFarlane   Storytelling & Drama
Yasmeen Mamdani   Therapeutic and Extra Lesson Work
Jonathan Snow   Eurythmy
Veronika Marquez-Veytia   Handwork

And the many experienced Waldorf teachers in whose classes students practice all the skills and curriculum they are learning and from whom they receive valuable feedback.

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