November 2017

Every Gift Counts — Little or Big

What do we Will?

Spending or giving money is an expression of will. We vote with our dollars on what we want to happen in the world. And our will — our dollars — combine with other people’s dollars to help make what we will, a reality.

Is the result a simple summation — a total of the dollars — or does the will expressed in those gifts work beyond the money itself to pave the way in unseen realms, for the realization of shared goals?

Each Person in the Support Community

We like to think that the participation of as many people as possible is an important goal of our fundraising effort, and that if each person in our support community gives whatever they feel they can or want to give, then the total dollar goal will follow of its own accord.

So please accept this reminder. There is so much going on this time of year that it’s easy to forget. And if you value what is cultivated at the Rudolf Steiner Centre, please make a gift —however small or large — to help that work to continue and grow into the wide world. Thank you.

Photo: Full-time Teacher Education program graduation for 2017

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