July 2020

Perspectives and the Pandemic - Recent Updates to RSCT Programs

A lot has happened since we prepared our full-page ad for RSCT programs to appear in Perspectives magazine back in February. One consequence of the Covid pandemic has been that the production of Perspectives itself has been delayed to the point where several of the advertised programs will have already started by the time the magazine is now re-scheduled to appear (in another week or two). Not only that, but, due to the pandemic restrictions, we’ve had to make some changes to the format and scheduling of the programs themselves. So the information in the original ad is no longer fully accurate. That’s why we’re sending you this update now.

Summer Festival Online

The Summer Festival of Arts and Education that was scheduled for July 6-24 is still happening, although all the courses will now be online. Some of the presenters have changed, but there are only a couple of courses that we have had to drop. On the plus side, Science with former NASA engineer Gary Banks and Creative Felting with Kathie Young are still being offered. See for the full updated list of available courses. And while the first week of grade intensives may already be in progress by the time you read this, there will still be time to register for weeks two and three. Also, as a result of the shift to online, there will be a 30% saving in tuition fees. And that’s in addition to the savings in travel and accommodation that come with studying from home.

Part-Time Waldorf Teacher Program

The part-time Professional Development for Waldorf Teachers Program includes participation in the three-week Summer Festival, which as you can read above, has been shifted to online for the summer of 2020. This will involve savings of about $600 for the year’s tuition for part-time Waldorf Teacher Program participants. The other main part of the program involves mentoring over the course of the school year. If you haven’t registered but want to join the program this year, please contact James at asap because the course starts Monday July 6th.

Part-Time Early Childhood First Block Online

The start of the RSCT’s Professional Development for Early Childhood Waldorf Teachers part-time program was rescheduled to July 26th in an attempt to accommodate as many people as possible. The first three-week block of the program will consist of online Zoom presentations, together with guided art and craft activities and independent work. 

Glencolton Farms Renewal Retreat

This retreat, which was scheduled for July 12-18 at Michael Schmidt’s Glencolton Farms near Durham Ontario, will not be happening this year. It’s hard to imagine how this program could ever move online as so much of it is about an experience of place and being there on the land with the plants, the animals, the elemental beings, and the people.

Full-Time Waldorf Teacher Program

The RSCT’s full-time Professional Development for Waldorf Teachers Program is scheduled to go ahead with in-person classes starting mid-September. However to accommodate those people who may not be able to come here in time for the start of the program, we will be live-streaming classes as necessary so they will be able to keep up with the program until such time as they can join the class in person.

Full-Time Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Program

In much the same way as for the full-time Waldorf Teacher Program described above, the Waldorf Early Childhood Program is planned for in-person classes in September, with an option of connecting via live stream for those people who may be not be able to be here right at the start due to travel or border restrictions.

Foundation Studies Encounter

In the past the RSCT has offered in-person Foundation Studies Encounter programs on Wednesdays and Saturdays in Thornhill, and sometimes in other locations as well such as at the Waldorf Academy in downtown Toronto, in Halton and in Guelph, depending on interest from local communities. While we hope to continue offering these programs in person, we will have to assess the situation in September. The Encounter Program runs from September through May. This spring the last several weeks of classes were moved to online presentations.

Foundation Studies Distance Proceeding as Usual

One program that has not been affected at all by the pandemic is the Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy Distance Program. You can start this program any time and proceed at your own pace, as it is based on one-on-one meetings over phone or Zoom with a mentor, along with independent study of a prescribed curriculum.

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